Latinococoaking ban appeal by "francinum" - Handled by llol111

CKEY: latinococoaking

Admin’s CKEY: francinum

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 2 Days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/27/2020

Round ID: 24471

Ban Reason: “Used the name ‘Nick Dorito’ after being directly warned it was not acceptable. Have a break.”

Appeal Reason:

So, I get a server ban for using my name Nick Dorito after the ban is uplifted?

llol111, who issued the ban in the first place literally says it here, the the ban is lifted so there was nothing to appeal. So why am i getting banned for coming back as Nick Dorito? What warning is this admin talking about?

Is he talking about the previous “warning”/ban that happened 30 minutes prior to me being server banned? That was lifted? Is there some sort of admin chat that im supposed to be aware of where i know what’s going on was that supposed to be my warning?

Correct me if i’m wrong but if a ban is lifted/cleared, does that not mean that anything associated with it is negated? Unless of course it’s not actually lifted. But it was indeed lifted as stated by the banning admin, and then the thread was locked.

So whats the deal here admins? Is there just 0 communication between all of you? Are you all just judge jury and executioner? Doesn’t seem very fair to me considering Francinum’s history of calling the MRP playerbase “unsalvageable neanderthals” saying he hates them with a burning passion.


Additional Information:


Okay I’m not going under the fucking bus for this one.

I was told he was sufficiently warned by llol.

He’s handling this one.

I’ve just went ahead and assigned Llol111 to the current Ban Appeal.

I’ll ping him to gather reasonings as to why the ban was implemented as Francinum was told you were previously warned.

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No. No it does not. And the ban was not lifted due to your appeal - it was lifted as soon as you pointed out that the first note, by ta, was not as i had wrongfully assumed a warning about the name. More about that mistake in the Staffreport thread.

I , in my mind anyways , quite clearly told you that instead of the ban you would have gotten you’d just get a warning (read : note)
Then when you attempted to argue about the name, i told you again that it was not okay.
“Use a new name next round.”

Then you made your first ban appeal (for a ban which was already lifted at the time)

In it, apparently quite akwardly, explained that the ban was already lifted while the ticket was still going.
in that appeal thread, i AGAIN say that “my ruleing stands”

So thats 2 times you’ve been explicitly told to you a diffrent name after the ban was lifted (still in the ticket) , and then another time indirectly in the ban appeal.

Then you get onto the server and play again with same name, and make a captains anoucement stateing just your name.

This where then the bwoink by fran begins.
Since this IS frans ban, i’d like for him to decide if that is enough warning or not, but in my humble oppinion that was plenty warning to use a diffrent name.

Did i fuck up by misreading a note and handing out an unneccary ban, even if just for a few seconds/minutes? Yes. See the staff report thread.
That and the other gripes that arrose with this whole sittuation will be adressed in the Staff report thread.

But, again, you had enough warnings to realise you should pick a new name in my oppinion.

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