Late Night Sage Art? Perhaps?

And I might make this one a full drawing.


I like Rounds.

The screaming bag pAI is great too.

Should have had you two talking in gibberish haha. 11/10 late night sage art


I can confirm that at late night sage everyone rushes pAI just to get Rounds or WIRE

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if only I could draw

Is that VOG next to Rounds at the top?

Can confirm I would try to send double pais if I saw Janus on, his pAIs are always fun to rp with :smiley:

Surprised nobody brought up Chariot or World, it’s been a while though can’t blame ya

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Dont let your memes be dreams

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There’s so many faces on late night sage that I always enjoy to see, also the clowns and mimes are much funnier there.

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late night sage is the best

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I’ve yet to join one of those rounds but if there was something in particular that you deem worthy of being remembered then if its not an issue i myself could draw/paint some of em

EDIT: My mouse decided to break, oh well. Offer still stands but i gotta either fix it or buy new one

Rest in peace to your mouse

Maybe I’ll crack open the classic MsPaint

hm yes today my absolute joke of a pai gets some art, the constant screaming will never end

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Are you the duffel bag? Trying to remember names for pAI other than Rounds, Richard, and VOG

yes, the aptly named “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”. theres also WIRE

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Hell yeah! AAAAAAAAAA is always a treat to find. I will never forget the ultimate DDOS + AAAAAAAAAA pAI friendship

holy shit i completely forgot about that round with DDOS, thanks for letting me remember

It was a very very fun round.

if you’re wondering why i filled every part with “AAAAAAAAAAAAA”, it was because i was terribly bored and didn’t know what to do

I always imagined AAAAAAAAA was just a very very malfunctioning little bot.

If I can find it I had doodles of less pAI colour schemed variants of Chariot and World that I had an absolute soft spot for.