Ladedotty game banned by Ruko

Ladedotty game ban under RukoFamicon
Title: Ladedotty game ban under RukoFamicom

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Two Weeks
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
“Parading the halls fully decked with insuls, tools, and weapon… as janitor. Claims tools were for breaking into departments to clean them, but had near zero interactions with other players and done no janitor work until boinked, has handful of prior notes and recent bans involving RP issues. Please do not connect to this server if you do not wish to RP”
Appeal Reason:
It is understandable to contact me with such a beginning clause of “why do you have insuls and tools and brandishing a weapon”. I stated my reasoning for them as such and in some cases, they are sincerely applicable as players may often be too preoccupied and forget or ignore recent requests. If he had wished me to do my job, the bwoink was all it would have taken. I had not known it would be strictly upheld by Ruko of rule M3 as I had not encountered him nor any previous admins on it, though that does not grant me exemption from it, obviously. What I wish is that he would have simply told me to please stick to my job and move me along. In the fairness of the scenario, I was playing a janitor on a low alert round. While there is no easily-acquired proof, I do take jobs most seriously in which the failure to uphold them can result in the lack of a fun experience of other players, most notably to me, station engineer and atmospheric technician. I hold those jobs in far higher regard and declined the responsibility by taking a lower ended job, like janitor. Also, throughout the round I had not harmed other players or ruined their experience, in fact, the weapon in question was a curator’s whip of which they were using to stun people in the hallways, and I just grabbed it after he was shoved. I had not done harm with it but I assume Ruko had just then started observing me and bwoinked me believing I had it longer. I took would also like to add in regard to the banning reason that the early histories are when I was first lining with SS13’s style, beestation sage was my first server and my main server, I rarely played on anything else. Most notably was my botany history, I often played with deadlier creations early into the game’s experience and notably caused a racket. I soon began aligning myself since then and began playing far more responsibly, to which I hope to amend upon the appeal or completion of this ban.
Additional Information:
If a full appeal does not seem appropriate, I feel a reduction is most vested as a compromise as though, even if it might be standard admin procedure, two weeks seems long simply by going off job insufficiency and history alone. I am unsure if Ruko had a bad day or not at that point in time because he seems to be upheld by the community as a chill guy.

He is chill if you didnt break any rule, and ban lenght is mostly based on your history of bans and notes.

I’d assume it’s their procedure to issue a two week ban at the point I was at.

Well at least you try to appeal, lets just wait for ruko to process this

I have had zero interactions with you before this ban, so all I had to go on was observations made in the current round. The round was well underway and the station was a literal bloody mess from top to bottom.

I find the janitor set up like a greytider with advanced sunglasses, loaded toolbelt, insuls and a whip just patrolling the halls. When asked what the tools are for, you told me it was for breaking into departments to clean them. You had no cleaning supplies on your person at all before running back to your closet. Your say logs revealed that you had said roughly a dozen lines total in total by about 50 minutes into the round.

Just since the beginning of June you have earned a full page of notes involving powergaming and a couple for self-antag on top of that. Due to the recent notes and I would say borderline if not outright lying in ticket (you can’t be intended to break in for cleaning with no cleaning supplies), I can’t really take your word for it on not normally playing like this.

Understand, the only calls form an admin on powergaming to my knowledge were from the botanist incidents. If it is allowed, I would like to know of the notes that are not related to that.

Here are a few of your recent notes/bans. Bans are publicly available to everyone and notes are always available to you.

June 27th - Validhunting with a flamethrower as atmos tech

June 19th banned from botany for two weeks for a mixture of self-antag and powergaming

June 15th banned from medical for releasing a deadly virus

June 2nd another combo of powergaming/self antag with botany, killing several folks on shuttle.

Thank you, but as you can see those were my incidences of botany in which the bans focused me into the scope of this game. The atmos tech incident I too recognized as validhunt and allowed me to realize that I was taking away from security’s experience.

So two points here;

  1. You need to have an admin PM you to follow the server rules ?
  2. You didn’t think the rules matter or are enforced, and therefore ignoring them is fine?

It’s only Janitor so idgaf about it ?

A very backhanded insult… nice.

My opinion is to keep it as is, the recent notes posted above as well, lead me to believe that you will either need to change how you play here or the remaining time on the server will be suddenly cut short.

This appeal is denied for now then.

Please be sure to adjust your playstyle when you rejoin the server after the break. Remember Sage is a roleplaying server, and that this applies regardless of which job you take.