L.E.T.O / Jonathan Garland Feedback

Hey there.
Looking mostly for feedback regarding my AI, on what i could improve, mainly if i’m too annoying or if I should lean harder into sillicon gimmicks.

My human was made back in golden without much of an RP or gimmick idea so i’m considering scrapping it. However I’ve played command a few time so feel free to give input or hit me with litteraly who.

Cheers and good night.

Another AI main???


I don’t know you, but you have gained my attention.

Post your hours, Chief

Can’t sleep, here you go Boss.

Botanist and Medical Doctor hours are mostly from when I started in Golden back in 2018-2019 and then stopped playing for two years.

48.5 AI hours… a man after my own heart lmao

I haven’t seen you before, but

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And I have yet to be job banned. Great success!