Kutanoid banned by Rukofamicon

Title: Kutanoid banned by Rukofamicon

CKEY: Kutanoid

Admin’s CKEY: Rukofamicon

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Which server did the ban happen on? LRP

Ban Type: temporary, I think?

Ban Length: one hour

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01/03/2021

Round ID: 25696

Ban Reason: fuck me if I know? This man just banned me because so, without a warning. I don’t know what is his problem, seriously. Maybe he woke up by his left foot? Maybe his gf dump his broke ass?
But seriously, I don’t know a reason. All I was doing is little roleplay? I guess? by framing Dylan Ewing into heretic. If that was a reason, then… or maybe admin played as Ewing?

Appeal Reason: banned for no reason, atleast without word of explanation why or valid reason. Just laconic comment that “IT WILL ESCALATE BLAH BLAH BLAH”

Additional Information: get a life, man.

Imagine appealing a one hour ban bro
As you would know if you could read, heres the actual ban reason ;

Guess what champion? I spoke with different admin about it and it was resolved.
I did it only once. ONCE.

Well thats just swell then, can i close this appeal?

Why in the fucking fuck? Lift my ban. It wasnt fair.
Just because some man cannot read, it does not mean that I have to take all the punches.

Well is it resolved or not? if you still need to have this open its clearly not resolved.

But FYI - ban appeals are handled by the banning admin, and the chance they see this before the hours is up is near zero, sorry bro.

It was resolved by other admin, in game.
Spam filter just blocked my ass, I wrote to admin and that was cleared. Done. I did not passed filter since then.
I dont fuckin know any logic behind that fucko reasons, seriously. He banned me for thing, that was resolved. Since your automatic filter blocked my ass in IC chat, I DID NOT abused it. Not once.

Something is fucked up in his head. Maybe you guys should be more careful with who you are placing at admin role?

ruko is one of the most trusted admins, you either are liying or severelly confused.

Yeah, I can see how trustworthy he is.
I only said it was. Some admin bwoinked my ass, and I stopped. Immediately.
But looks like it was not enough for mr mighty admin…

To me, it looks like admin was covering ass of one of the player. He banned me shortly after our little affair, IC ofc.

not wanting to be an asshole but this appeal reeks of bad intentions and a twisted agenda.

or it is just bait.

wait, what twisted agenda? what bad intentions? The hell you are talking about?

I was banned unfairly, that’s all. I could have understand ban reason if I would spam chat constantly. But I don’t. I only did it once, different admin bwoinked me and I stopped. Minute later, that fucko gave me a ban for things I didnt do in that moment.

what admin bwoinked you first, do tell.

I cannot remember know. It was just a moment, I read it and stopped what I was doing in that moment.
That is the point - I just stopped after admin message, and was not breaking rules further. It was unfair ban.

you know we can see the ahelp logs and literally check if that is truthfull.

Go ahead. I cannot remember who bwoinked me, that’s true.

fam just checked and this isnt your first bypass offense


Oh, I was looking for that “reason-from-deepest-of-ass” of ban at MRP - thanks!
Man, it was lovely how fucked up some guy was.

Also, he should wrote that it concern my warning records, not just this single round.

thats what… second offense means. if not it would say “he filter bypassed twice”

No, no, no. I will tell you what it means. It means that I bypassed filter twice in that ROUND. Not at all, at Bee, but in round.
Direct communication, fam. Don’t expect that people will read in your mind or decipher you words. It’s fucked up, tbh. It’s like a situation when I wrote something to you and you cannot understand it, but still you received punishment just becuase you couldn’t understand my words, just because it was obvious for ME not for you.