Kurpingspace2 player feedback

i play as a moth with atlas skin
on mrp i use Lucidia Ferrilinea for my name and LRP is random
on MRP i sometimes play as a drone but there’s no name, i just wear a top-hat
other names:
K.A.L. 9000 (old name for all my silicones)
L.U.C.I.D. (pai)
L.U.C.U.D.I.A. (borg)
LUC1D1A (ai)

saw play cmo once and came up with a cure for being a moth

5/5 very good cmo moth yes

on that round i made everyone a moth and then gave cure for it lol

2000 aAAAAA!!!1

As soon I saw the name of my favourite mothie CMO on medium RP, I couldn’t stop from answering!

I just (re)made the forum account just for your post, Ferrilinea!

Let’s get to it!

You’re very cooperative, knowledgeable and much more importantly, at least for me, you have shown your love for RP engaging in more than one conversation at the bar, without any other mean that was not to roleplay.

And I’m not just speaking about small chit-chats, but even 20-30 minutes discussion, always interesting and well thought out and played. You know and respect the chain of command, you answer in a very fast way to any command chat, or any chat to be honest, and you know how and when to step back to let others have more fun in their department of choice. Personally intervening only if the situation is one step before the disaster.

It’s a sweet pleasure having you onboard, whatever the situation may be.

Keep up the good work!

there was a round where i was the virologist and you were the cmoth and some traitor flashed you and tied you up and was going through the maintenance tunnel by virology and i dropped the clown’s pda in front of the tunnel and then a clown show of epic proportions when 4 other seccies poured out of the tunnel and all slipped and fell too and then the only people standing were you and me