Kurpingspace2 mentor application

Your CKEY: kurpingspace2

Your Discord: /kurp/#8297

How long have you been playing ss13?: 2+~ month

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: dunno, maybe someone will say in the comments?

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I’d say this is where my strong point is at since I know how most of everything works. I know surgery procedures, virology, and additional machines. However, I don’t spend much time on chemistry.

I’ve played AI enough to know how things work. I’ve played malf ai before but I’m not that robust. Never got a chance to play syndieborg yet but I’ve played cyborg countless times. I usually pick the engineering module but I’ve picked the miner, medical and secborg before.

I spend a lot of time on this department and so far I’ve learnt how to do robotics, implants, circuits, nanites and how to obtain new research nodes. Xenobio seems simple and I finally got the grasp of how to make a research bomb in toxins

Seems kinda simple, I’ve done things such as convert all the hydroponics into earthsblood trays and then make a biomass farm for strange seeds. I know how janitor equipment works and bartender stuff is 1+1. but give me a question just incase?

I started off playing engineering when I was learning how to play the game for the first time. I know how to hack doors and construct things now, but I am still not too confident in setting up the SM using other kinds of gasses. i’ve only ever been a virgin and used N2

I’ve only ever played as an officer for maybe 2 or three rounds and didn’t like dealing with everyone’s shit so I only got some basic grasp of space law.

Emag cargo and win, is doing paperwork actually necessary? uhh, banana. I get quartermaster on RNG and I just do the bounties and I always get the emag for nulls soo… On the other hand, as a miner, I think I know a bit, not sure about megafauna loot and weaknesses.

hack ai law and give no mercy to humans (just kidding i do not condone murderbone as non-antag)

I am probably too eager to answer a question sometimes and may give a wrong answer.

AH you put this in general but when this is put in the right place I’ll +1 since from what I can see in game you can handle most game mechanics
Edit:it is in the right place so I’l +1 from what I can see in game you can handle most game mechanics

uh oh spaghetti i thought i placed it in mentor application

It is doe.

20 character

ya it is now
20 penis limit

+1 most basics of most departments down. Not +2 because you’re not a basics god.

Answer these two for me for my vote:

Mhelp: Shitsec420: how much time can I give to someone who was standing in front of EVA empty handed, and ran away when I batoned them?

Mhelp: The AI is AFK and the SM is on fire, I cant make the temperature go lower. What’s wrong?

  1. none because he didn’t do anything wrong. he was just standing there

  2. the pressure is too high, check the piping system to see if there are valves that are turned off and if the scrubbers and filters are actually set up correctly

Fair answer. My go-to answer for SM is Check space loop, then check all filters, so not bad. +1, dont be afraid to not answer or to take a wiki page and link it as an answer

i thought the whole point of a mentor was to give a quick answer instead of a wiki link lol

No, not necessarily. Mentors SHOULD know how to find information, as well as know basics off the top of their head. Many players cant find even basic info

Imagine not responding to the first one by linking:

a sacred post in the wiki i didn’t even know about

Some choice quotes:
Heads of Staff should be mindshield implanted forcibly and immediately if you hear of revolution. Even our own leaders might be revolutionary scum.

Be proactive- arrest criminals before they commit a crime.

Before the round starts, figure out whether you like the SS or the KGB the best.

When the power goes out, stun, cuff, and perma anyone who is standing within ten meters of the Bridge. For all you know they could have been planning to break in!

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injured greytiders at medbay enterance? flashbang the room and get a scientist to plasmabomb it before they recover. (they could’ve been planning to steal viro’s supervirus)

Injured lizard with a bloody leg limping down the hall? Harm baton him for littering the floors with his blood. It doesn’t matter that the chaplain is just down the hall toolboxing people with his grace, or the fact that the lizard is in desperate need of medical attention, the law is the law!!! Brig him, and deny him any medicine, for criminals have no rights!!!

+1.5 due to this.

If you approve manifests (NOT the shipment orders, but the papers that come with the shit you buy), they are worth 500 credits.

That’s fucking good if you mass-buy shit mid-war ops. 7 approved manifests = 2 sec auto rifles.

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+1, seems to have good general knowledge as well as good, er, knowledge of things they know they shouldn’t do. I think they’d be a good mentor.

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it’s ok mark you make a good moth

i updated my application because i learnt new things