Ksanavaari banned! by Moccha


Admin’s CKEY:Moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Banned atleast on golden

Ban Type:Server

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):11-24-2019

Round ID:9446

Ban Reason:Posted ERP books multiple times on commons channel. Authed by Mini_Meatwad Appeal on the forums

Appeal Reason:I was bwoinked about the situation by Moccha and immediately stopped reading those books, realising that even if they are in the library, it might not be for the best to read them aloud and continued the story session with another SFW book.

I was also contacted by another admin in an earlier round, pinging me about the stations AI reporting me for spam and having a laugh at the books I was reading, the same books that I was banned for which left me with the impression that it was not prohibited to read them out, just some harmless little shitposting.

I feel that this punishment was too harsh since I immediately stopped reading the books and still got banned for it later. If I had continued to read the said books, even after getting warned I would have understood the ban since it wouldve been a second offense, but handing out a permanent ban for an act that didnt harm any players or ruin their rounds like self-antagging, especially after instantly stopping when notified seems unjust.

Additional Information: I added the ! in the title because even though I opened a draft in ban appeals, the forum decided to post it in player reports where my last draft had been made, sorry about that.

Yes, this is an instant appeal, I remember the situation better this way and can provide a better appeal instantly after the incident. If this bothers the readers feel free to wait a few days and return after that.

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Bumping in case you fellas forgot about this

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I will give my 2 cents, while you had notes for posting copypastas in the past a perma ban would be too much in my opinion, i would say we either lift the ban and put you on thin ice or lower it to one month.

You’ve done this multiple times before and have been told to stop every time. The content you were pasting over comms is equivalent to ERP.

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I think it’s unfair to ban someone for reading books that we have in our own library. If anything, the fault lies on us for not removing them.

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tell the name of the book and say what happens in it since most of these ‘erp’ books are just hmm yes me have intercourse

Next you’ll say ERP is allowed because it’s our fault we didn’t implement a filter against these things.

Breaking rules on purpose then getting away with it because “I might have had the choice not to do this, but it was there!” is just dumb and this will come to bite you back.

Additionally, I must point out.

Some ban consistency would be nice.

is this thread locked or no?
anyway, i also think that banning people for that is kinda bullshit

There’s a difference between sending text that we have in the library of our own website and spamming some shitty copypasta mid-round despite warnings. I hope you understand it.

Not just any shitty copy pasta, a copy pasta with a very high amount of erotica in it.

…which is why Oshibka got banned. That copypasta, however, didn’t come from our own website, unlike Ksanavaari’s messages.

I can confirm I got that copypasta off of rule 34 and sent it to Oshi

Allow me to explain myself,

I was the guy who had ahelped this person, as he was spamming radio with large chunks of erotica. Spamming large chunks is already enough to piss me off, but it being erotica put it on a whole other level. This was the second round in a row he had done this.

I posted that image, not to get oshibka perma banned, but the other way around, to show you that the same was done before and thus should be three days.

What seems the same to me, is different to you, however. (Both reading books off the library & different in spamming IC and OOC)

I thought that the server cracked down hard on erotica (E.G: Somebody who mhelped something suggestive got perma banned).

Does this mean anybody who posted any erotica on the library is getting perma banned?
Who’s going to go through the whole library removing any of this filth?

That is all.

Haha bro you sound like you’ve never went WGW spammer hunting on hippie like wtf do you even play on any other servers lol

wgw is funny every now and then not spamming it endlessly every round tyvm

We’re discussing about this.

I don’t like to overrule people unless there’s a general consensus that it’s better if I do. I’ll wait for everyone to put their 2 cents in.

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I’d support an unban as long as you don’t spam again.

unfortunately this was denied, but i would appeal again down the line and see how that fairs

I’ve been allowed to handle your ban appeal, I will ban appeal you but put you on thin ice for this kinda of thing so pleae avoid spamming comms in the future.