Krytto player report (by hangy posted by Bluezorua due to lack of account)



Title: Kryyto Player Report

CKEY: Brother_Hangyul

Your Discord: Hangy#5040

Offender’s CKEY: Kryyto

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mr Mime

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/07/2021

Round Number: 31268

Rules Broken: R3 Do Not Grief

Incident Description: Came up to me near the bridge and threw an improvised firebomb at me for no reason, it didn’t hurt me as I dodged, shot them later on with a chloral syringe since it seemed like they were going to do it again. They shot me with a teslium syringe when we were on the shuttle.

Additional Information: hangy deleted their account so they can’t make a post so I just copy pasted one they sent me

On this one now.

I see in the logs:

  • Attacking people with syringe gun with assorted lethal compounds in non-lethal doses
  • Smashing a lot of random shit on the station including windows with a bone sword
  • Throwing the reported firebomb for seemingly no reason

User has been inactive on the forums and game both for several months, but gonna give them a week to respond just in case. @Kryyto

Howdy, sorry if it looked like grief but here is what happened for each point that Ruko talked about:

1: The syringe were full of hapiness, apparently one had some oozling too but I don’t know how it happened.
2: I didn’t break anything on station (until the end of the shift were I was blocked in a room so I had to break a window to get out).
3: I was with my monkey pet while having a monkey suit when, out of nowhere, Hangy attacked it for no reason.
That’s when I indeed throw a ied (I think that’s what it’s called) at him. I didn’t hurt him in any ways since it was just to scare him away.

That’s even the reason why the borg were defending me, instead of the CMO, since I didn’t do any harm but he was trying to hurt me.

If you have more question I’ll be active today. @Ruko

Slime ooze and liquid electricity are both bad chems.

Plausible, not pursuing this further at the moment at least.

A) This does not deserve a fucking firebombing
B) This still doesn’t explain why you had a firebomb at all
C) What about the other five people you attacked?

As for how you got the slime ooze… you took it from somewhere near round start and filled your can of laughter with it right after emptying some of the laughter out of said can?

Well, I honestly didn’t know that I did that before, I think I may have experiment if slime ooze worked with cryoxadone. And since slime ooze don’t really deals damage, it was unnoticable afterward.

Real reason: I was testing how it could easily be made for shift where I would become antag
Roleplay reason: The station was descending into chaos and I needed a backup weapon (I could have made something bigger with some chemistry but I didn’t want to destroy the station).

Who ? The one who took some happiness and didn’t even really cared ? Well, I was the mime, and happiness doesn’t hurt… I don’t think we can call that an “attack”, but I don’t make the rules.

Slime ooze does do damage.
It’s a nerfed form of slime jelly, it does random toxin damage at random intervals (2-6 instead of 20-60). The Syringes themselves also do damage and embed.

You are a mime. You should not be doing chemistry or equipping yourself with weapons pretty much ever unless you are currently an antagonist. You’re a gimmicky stage performer - Your job is to run around and entertain crew, not self-antag them or bait conflicts, and definitely not to escalate those conflicts with explosives when you get one.

look at the images I previously posted. You attacked six different people in total, just with syringes. They all contained toxins of some sort, also shown in the images.

Alright, I understand.

I have nothing more/else to add to counter your point anymore. So it’s sentence time I guess.

Like the other one handled today, you don’t exactly have a messy record by any means.

I’d like this just to be resolved with a note and a “Don’t do it again” since an understanding was reached. You may end up banned from gimmick and gimmick-like roles if the behavior repeats.

Ah, I see, well I’ll remember about this in the future when playing then.

And it’s totally understandable, I shall not do that, have a good one Ruko.

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