Kovamess2003 ban appeal with Admin freshmeatlover

Title: kovamess2003 Banned by Admin freshmeatlover

CKEY: kovamess2003

Admin’s CKEY: freshmeatlover

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: permanent

Ban Length: well, permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10-11-2021

Round ID: 33,288

Ban Reason: “Talking about prevert stuff including children. Get out of here.” -freshmeatlover

Appeal Reason: Good day, I appeal because i believe I was not given time or opportunity to explain my situation when i was bwoinked. The ban reason is not adequate at describing what really happened, the story goes as: By some means which i don’t exactly remember i was turned into another character (whose name I did not choose but was randomly chosen) Christopher Fiddler (Diddler?;Kiddler?- along those lines) and as one can see it rhymes well with diddler.
The temptation got the best of me and I jokingly shouted “I am Christopher Fiddler the World famous Child diddler!” (or something along those lines) Yes at least now I am aware that was not very RP friendly. (not sure if I used RP correctly here) It is not the pinnacle of comedy but I would be lying if I said I don’t find it funny.
Anyhow, I did learn my lesson and I have been banned for about a year? for some time atleast.

Additional Information: perchance

Its been half a year.
147 days, infact.

We have a policy in place regarding permanent bans - they may not be appealed before one year has passed, some exceptions asside.
We also require you to have a vouch (an admin of another, reputable ss13 saying “yea hes a good boy”)
So please come back on (MM/DD/YYYY): 10-11-2021, and take the time untill then to enjoy some other server so you can aquire said vouch.

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Kudos for getting the appeal format filled out 100% correctly though
few manage this

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