Kosaku8 banned by bloons3



Both servers



7 days



powergaming and griefing on LRP. As a non-antag, broke into AI sat as well as griefed another player’s ship

I was hypnotized by presumably an antag and told to “obey me, do evil” I interpreted the do evil part as cause as much harm/damage to the station and everyone on it.

I am sorry about breaking that dudes ship, it looked cool.

Sorry about that, hypnosis is very strange in the code, so you didn’t show up as an antagonist.

I see a non-antag breaking into the AI sat with gamer gear, it looks like griefing. I’ll get this removed and the note changed.

You should be unbanned, let me know if you aren’t able to get on the server.

thanks for the help, glad we could get it fixed!

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