[Knoblin420] banned by [WilsonPH]

Title: [Knoblin420] banned by [WilsonPH]

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Ban Reason:
“Took a posibrain, after being inserted into a cyborg, complained that he was synced to a 2nd AI that wasn’t malf, immediately started asking about the 2nd AI and where the original malf one was. Disconnected before I could bwoink.”
Appeal Reason:
I want to play on the server again.
Additional Information:
Before I elaborate on the situation itself, I want a couple of things to be noted. First, this is the first time I’ve ever appealed anything, and it has taken me a significant amount of effort to get to the point where I am willing to sit down and write something like this. Secondly, I have had previous bans in which my conduct was arguably far, far worse and in far greater breach of the rules, and striven to correct my actions on the server. (I.E. the flamethrower arc) It’s been a couple months since so I don’t remember the specifics very well. With that being said, I agree my conduct wasn’t the best in the circumstances, I didn’t make it very subtle that I wanted to be the antagonist in this case, however, I never stated in IC anything that overtly, I did, however, say that I was synced to the “correct AI” once I became malf, however, this was because the other AI was in maints and not the station AI. I will concede that my actions and words in the circumstances weren’t very high RP, for reasons I won’t elaborate on I haven’t been willing to take the game as seriously as the staff on the server expect from their players, and for that I apologize, all I ask for is your patience and understanding.

Well, seeing how I’m no longer an admin I can’t handle this report, but I’ll give some info for clarity’s sake.
From the logs I investigated in-round, it just seemed like you saw that the AI was malf, took a posibrain hoping to get a free antag pass, was connected to the wrong AI once inserted into a cyborg and then complained that you had your antag chance denied.

Yes, this is correct. After a bit of complaining I gave up and genuinely intended to serve the non-malf AI but then I got synced. I got into a little spat to the other AI who got murdered in dchat (i was complicit) after and I felt genuinely bad and disconnected, lol. that probably isn’t how it comes off in the logs

Hey there, thanks for appealing! Since Wilson is no longer an admin, I’ll be taking over for this.

Thank you for your side of things. We send people to forums if they egregiously break the rules and disconnect before we can talk to them.

Based on what happened in the round, what was said here, and previous history, this would have likely been a month ban, but since it has been a little under two months since this was applied, I will be removing it now.

I really encourage you to give the rules a re-read, particularly rule 1: You Must Roleplay. Any more violations of this rule would likely escalate to a normal permaban.

Have a good one, and thanks again for appealing!

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