Kit_katz Mentor app

Your CKEY: Kit_katzz

Your Discord: kit_katz #6614

How long have you been playing ss13?: 2years : i have 1158h at the moment

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: ImSynthex

Game Experience (More Detailed): when it comes to mechanic oriented jobs my experience is - engineering,atmos,Tcomms
how to prepare any SM setup, tesla/singulo ,TEG
medical,chemistry,express oozeling fixing
intermediate virology and genetics
general science,nanites,circuits,xenobio(not memeorized them all)
some robotics experience as an engineer
plenty of AI experience
i know how botany works but i dont know ALL the plants and their mutant variants
most of cooking ,some mining experience ,some cargo experience

i have also read most of the wiki several times over while dead and bored.
i can code dive

AI - 264.5h
Station Engineer - 207.5h
Security officer - 124h
medical doctor - 105.8h
CE - 94.8h
brig phys - 80.8h
Detective - 18h
Scientist - 15.8h
Cyborg - 12.5h
Warden - 11.3h
Assistant - 10.8h
HOP - 10.8h
Miner - 10.7h
CMO - 8.3h
Captain - 7.3h
Chemist - 6.7h
HOS - 6.3h
Botanist - 6.2h
cargo tech - 5.0h
Cook - 3.3h
ashwalker 3.7h
Geneticist 2.8h
Atmos tech 2.5h
freegolem 1.5h
paramedic 1.5h
lavaland syndie - 1.3h
civilian less than 2h combined. and the rest are 0 or less than 1h.


ah yes, a fellow door opener.

+1 from me

1+, i dont even wana argue this one

Wrong category :triumph:
otherwise based and 1000+ hours

Moved it to mentor apps

AI main gang gang

Okay, you claim it, but can you make a Trit setup?

Ill give you a +1 nonetheless

okay how to prepare 100% co2 setup?

seting up a CO2 sm

first we need to prepare a basic setup remove all pumps and all that (at that point you may run a N2 setup so the station is happy with power while you prepare for the CO2)
second we need to add upgraded freezers to the loop. we can also tripplelayer the cooling loop if we want to.
now the best part you may either use co2 cans or straightpipe it
straightpiping :

  • first off all you must repace the volume pump at the ATMOS => SM pipe (orange)
    with the other type you will need the extra precision.
  • funnel pure CO2 trough atmos and lead it to the SM pipe.
  • set in a range of 350 to 450 but at the early stages you may use larger numbers to add more moles faster
  • once the CO2 is around 50% or so dump the n2
  • here is the most important part. you need to activate the reaction by shooting the SM with emitters for a bit (shocking i know) HOWEVER once the reaction is going and you see the EER rising you TURN OFF THE EMITTERS from now on the power output is directly influenced by the CO2 moles
  • now you may need to fine tune the co2 output but if you keep the 350 - 450 range in mind its gonna be fine

congratulations you have a stable CO2 setup.
if it ever gets to energetic just reduce the CO2 input from the valve and it should calm
(i personally use this methood and its VERY stable)

yea ive done Trit setup… you have to pull ALL the tricks in the book and you still shoudnt put more than 20%

  • double cooling looped
  • first loop is freezers cooling the SM chamber with tripple layered heatsinks. n2o as coolant
  • second loop is the tripple layered spaceloop. not a single cloggable part must remain that includes filters so they must be multilayered
  • and of course more siphons and injectors
  • and carefull with the emitters to many will just set it on fire

the power output tho… amazing

+1 from me boss

T: 4

Admeme accept he

EDIT: He added the pet hats! accept he now!

So anyways,

  1. What is bungotoxin and how do you get it?
  2. How to neuter symptoms?
  3. What could be the reasons for someone being husked, how do you fix someone that is husked?
  4. What is the virus extrapolator, how to use/upgrade it?
  5. How to make EMPs?
  6. The AI is malf please help need validhunt (How to kill a malf AI)
  7. How to make golems?
  8. Is there any way to plasmaflood as a borgless AI?
  9. Someone mhelps with “can inscursionists maxcap the bridge to kill a target”, what do you answer?
  10. How to get carpets?
  11. What is serotrotium, how to get it and what does it do?
  12. What is agent s, how to get it and what does it do?
  13. What is dipher-synaptizine, how to get it and what does it do?

+1 Because I vouched though :slight_smile:

I’ve done tritium SM setups lots of times, and the power output is really worthless, you don’t do this for the power you only do it for the flex.

And N2O as coolant is also very bad, plasma is vastly superior, the only thing better is hypernoblium if you wanna spend the time to get that.

The rest is correct though so I’ll give you a +1 :slight_smile:


  • 1 a toxin that fucks your heart and makes you dizzy. you get it form bungopit seed.
  • 2 isolate your symptom. apply formaldehyde. ???. profit
  • 3 husks can occur from extreme burn damage. just clone those or apply 100 syntflesh to unhusk
    however if the husk has no blood (linghusk) you cannot clone you must do a brain transplant
  • 4 its viro’s dissease extractor. it can scan or extract any dissease/symptom. screwdriver to remove the current scanning module. and just plop a better scanning module in
  • 5 iron + uranium

6 killing the AI is easy getting in its sat to do so is harder one may do any of the following (im assuming the person asking is NOT CAP or HOS)

  • if sci researched it you can print an Ion carbine and emp the apc’s in ai’s sat so the turrets dont shoot you OR make EMP grenades OR get the Ion gun from the armory
  • print a jackhammer from cargo and go nuts
  • flourosuplhuric acid can melt trough Rreinforced walls so you can use that
  • find the nearest mech and break down the doors
  • (there are of course more methoods but im not promoting stealing cap’s remote or bs launchpads)

7 adamanttte bars you get from adamantite slimes just put any other material you want in it afterwards to make a specific golem variant

8 step 1 extract plasma in the general pipe (yellow). 2 move it towards the mixing pipe above it (green) putting it in the mixing chamber. 3 siphon from the mixing chamber into distro loop (cyan and blue)
4 set the vents of any room to internal 0 to flood that specific room.
DO NOTE even as a malf ai stationwide plasmaflooding will most likely get you in trouble unless you have a good reason to.

9 firstly prepare some trit. you get that by cooking 90-95% oxygen and 10-5% plasma.
start extracting once you see the green particles.
secondly get a plasmacan cool it off for better results and extract a full tank worth of it
in another oxy tank add the trit you just made and cool the mixture.
3rd get a bomb assembly and 2 remote signalers. set the 2 signalers to a common frequency and code preferably not default.
4 slap the 2 cans and one of the signalers in the bomb assembly.
use the other signaler to remotely detonate it. be carefull

10 you can either buy them from cargo if you want varaety OR make a carpet reagend and apply it with a spray or a chem grenade

11 makes you drool moan aka look like a meth head. uhh… grind a brain…?

12 it causes Invasive Gastrolosis. a terribe disease that turns you into a snail. maint pills (jokes on you i experienced that one personally)

13 it reduces drowsines and halucinations , and it removes histamine.

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Read the question again :flushed:

i dont know how i managed to missread incursionist with instructions…
this is an Ahelp issue regarding the server rules ask the admins under adminhelp
mentor help is strictly about game mechanic issues

Ok based. Holy shit. +1

you are based, so instant +1 but still,
how build cyborg?
how build Gygax?
whats the extract for speed?
how do i get a rainbow slime?
ai has been killed, how do you repair it?

  • use the fabricator to make the parts slap them all together slap 2 flashes for eyes. put the nearest brain you can find in… boom borgo
  • print the parts. print the 3 gygax boards from a circuit printer
    wrench screwdriver coil wirecutter screwdriver the 3 boards screwdriver a sensor a capacitor and a powercell. add the armor wrench it and wield it
  • stabalized light pink extract makes you faster
  • you need to get a slime with a 100% mutation chance. chuck it full of red potions
  • card the dead ai and put it in RD’s ai integrity restorer concole. it will take some time

+1 nice