KirbytheWizard101 Player Report

   CKEY: Bloatatoe

   Your Discord: not relevant

   Offender’s CKEY: KirbytheWizard101

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: N.O.N.M.A.L.F

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):1/12/2019

   Round Number: 9717

   Rules Broken: Do not excessively bully/harass other players in or out of game.

   Incident Description: round started, i was a plasmaman HOP and i closed the shutters to prepare. i got my stuff and ready to open the line and open the shutters, then my shutters keep getting shut back by the ai and he messaged me non-human, then another message come and try me. i eventually gave up then later in the round i got kidnapped and he keeps cheering the traitor for killing me like 'lets thanks (traitor name) for killing the non human HOP'

   Additional Information:i have no idea why he is doing this, im not sure what i did in the past or wtf it is that triggered this event. it is acceptable to not listen to my command but no letting me do my job and fucking me over is not

I’ll take a look at this. Even if this turns out not to be metagrudge, and even though you were not human, deliberately antagonising the HoP for no reason as a silicon just becuase you can is in my interpretation a breach of law 3, as you’re putting yourself at risk of being shut down just so you can screw with people.

Was this over PDA or Radio?

I mean @Caecilius
not only in breach of in game stuff

but bruh

If he deadass did that, this is gon’ go bad

There were only 2 pda messages he sent me the others are over the radio calling me kid and such. The pda messages were “non-human” and “come and try me”

[2019-12-01 09:09:07.442] PDA: KirbytheWizard101/(N.O.T.M.A.L.F) (PDA: �PDA to Arsenic LXXI (Head of Personnel)) “Non. Human.” (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[2019-12-01 09:09:12.967] PDA: Bloatatoe/(Arsenic LXXI) (PDA: head of personnel PDA to N.O.T.M.A.L.F (AI)) “fuck you” (Head of Personnel’s Office (102, 120, 2))
[2019-12-01 09:09:17.023] PDA: KirbytheWizard101/(N.O.T.M.A.L.F) (PDA: �PDA to Arsenic LXXI (Head of Personnel)) “come and try me” (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))

Yea this isn’t looking like a good start.

[2019-12-01 09:24:03.089] ATTACK: KirbytheWizard101/(N.O.T.M.A.L.F) has permanently shocked [Brig Control] (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))

Isn’t looking good either.

I will give him a day or two more to defend himself and then a decision will have to be made.

I’ve been thinking and I still have no idea why he is such an asshole to me