Kilo Station Feedback thread

Please give me feedback on the Kilo Station map testmerge. Bug reports are appreciated.

No AACs is a known issue already.

wait is this real or a meme

Another issue is a whopping 50kW power drain in Atmos. I’m trying hard to fix it.

edit: I fixed it


scuffed couches



Disposals eject at the red dot. All the trash gets ejected there.


No comfy chairs in the Council Chamber, instead you have to sit on cold, hard metal in the place where all the most powerful and senior members of the station gather.


Toxin Lab APC is not wired

SMES above console in Engine Room is not getting input power (you need to add that knotted wire under the terminal)

There’s no rapid wire layer in Engineering


no spare id safe on bridg


Issues I found with the map:
Bartender starts with 2 lethal shells for some reason.
Bar backroom missing cable coils for construction
No service techfab

And most importantly:
It’s Kilo
You can’t fix that

All in all I’d rather play Flandstation with 5 players than Kilo.


That should have been fixed in the latest update.

I don’t see why a bartender needs cable coils, but I’ll add them in.

It’s in a sneaky little room by the kitchen


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shit tier oppinion, i played 2 rounds in the TM and i had a blast
though it should prolly be set as a low-med pop map, it’d be a bit cramped for 50 or 60 or whatever li

lots of issues to iron out, but i had fun.


Er, wasn’t that how it always was intended? Did we change the description?

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.

Acacia’s default map should be Kilostation.

If we wanna play bigger maps on Acacia, then we can maybe use the voting system for a Yes - No to Kilostation? thereafter, put in the usual rotation of maps if the vote says “no” to Kilostation.


Well yeah, that’s the natural conclusion of anyone who plays Acacia during normal hours. Lowpop server should have lowpop in consideration.

Unfortunately, Acacia is the unwanted child specifically meant to not have direction. It was meant as a replacement for Golden so, “the project didn’t have multiple directions”.

Its very purpose is to be so. You can ask the admins themselves.

Edit: Here ya go


Please for fucks sakes remove the motor oil from spawning INSIDE THE SM CHAMBER SO WE STOP HAVING ROUNDSTART DELAMS!


oooh wow, I was there for that delam speedrun round.

Side note. A.I. sat on Kilo is VERY secure, some tactics (briefcase launchpad) wont work

very epic!!

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I see you are patching issues as fast as we report them, that’s impressive

  • So SM SMES, you were touching something around it? It appears their input and output is connected, they basically work as powersink now, had to lower their input to even make emitters work cause they were not getting enough power. Sadly I couldn’t pinpoint where wiring is bad cause of things happening during the round

  • That airlock connecting atmos and engine room that also leads to space-atmos airlock needs to be set as internal airlock, currently it is external one so it is spacing part of atmos

  • Cycling Airlocks should be using special dual-port vent that is connected to both distro and waste (or have regular vent and scrubber if they are bigger than 1 tile), while what you have right now certainly is easier since you don’t have to lay connection to waste we are losing all that gas to space every time someone cycles airlocks and it should be changed in future

  • Apparently there are spawns in this north-east outpost, during the round I had on Kilo VIP spawned there (and possibly Botanist, found their body in space nearby), also I think there are too many mobs in there that pose a threat to station (I witness Goliath escaping and then landing outside HoS office, they broke into brig and had a fight with sec)

By the way I just forgot to mention earlier that I’m glad to see Kilo back and while there are some complaints about it it seems that it is the most liked ‘new’ map we had so far