Kilo on the Sage Overflow

Now that we are no longer using monstermos, are there plans to reintegrate Kilo back to the rotation?

If I remember correctly the chief issue and reason for it being canned was due to the incompatibility with fastmos after we left LINDA.

Perhaps Ack-Ack-ia could support it as the lower pop server?



Kilo was fastmos’d but still wasn’t readded, because the person who was working on it made a lot of other changes but didnt finish

(also a lot of their changes were bad IMO.)

It’s not too hard to fastmos a map, just like an hour or so of work. It’s just tedious

Yes please
Also bring ministation in as well.

We need heliostation, iceboxstation, yogstation, yogsmeta, tg meta, tg, box?, actually fuck it EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MAP

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When you map it

I dont need to map it, i can just steal the map’s code from the servers

When you port it

Do it



kilo still exists in the repo lol

it’s just a config to turn it on


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Oshan, Cogmap, Manta, SEV Torch, Uhhhhhhhh whatever the TGMC ones are called, CMSS13, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh and Roidstation

I once ask franc to port torch to NSV and he said no.

Did you ask permission to port it or ask him to do it? Cause there’s a difference.

He mentioned a lot of complications moving a baycode map to a /tg/ one.

i wonder, is the version of kilo in the repo rn the fucked up half-fastmosed version
or ye olde kilo

either way i should debug force the map some time for funsies