Killermankey banned by haliris

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
3 weeks
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Do not powergame, abide by ticket conduct. As clown, grew or acquired bluespace bananas and used them at their convenience, one time to escape a heretic. Didn’t understand the issue and tried to mislead me badly in the ticket.
Appeal Reason:
First of all what the fuck? Why is getting bluespace bananas from the botanist as a damned clown power gaming? He just had some so I asked for them. I still don’t understand how in anything this is powergaming. especially as the clown. Ontop of it being 3 weeks! I did no mislead you the captain had killed me via repeatedly slamming me against an electrified grille. Look at logs before sweeping me off with a ban.
Additional Information:
is there a way to tie this in with a staff report?
Edit: Haliris Admin Report
to add to this insanity.


A 3 week ban isn’t egregious when you’ve got a significant history as of the past few months, including a validhunting ban from a month ago (which ties closely to powergaming,) and just recently got off of a 5 day ban.

I am genuinely curious about the logs for this one, though, based on the ban reason.


whether or not my history. 3 weeks for having banana peels that tele you is dumb


Ban times aren’t set in a vacuum, they get longer based on your history. Especially if you have similar offenses.

Every server does this.


Ban durations are mainly based on your ban history/remarks since you are supposed to learn from your mistakes. Judging by your behavior and notes, 3 weeks is still a good outcome.

if you’re actually looking to get unbanned, deliberately acting like an idiot and stirring drama both on and off the forums over a months long ban isn’t going to help. Stop being a dumbass

edit: shit wrong dude, my bad thoguht you were the original poster. This ban is in reference to bs bananas which teleport and cause much more chaos than regular nanans, normal ones are fine


I was a scientist working xenobio in this round I think. We had a radiation threat during the shift and I met the clown with the bluespace bananas. They tried to slip me in maints during the storm. Or at least I think since they threw a bs banana peel on the floor while standing next to me and talking about it before that. It was also the time they escaped the heretic. (Jacob the purple prince)


then there was 2 clowns. Cause I was Robert McHonk

You were Robert, not the other clown?
If that’s the case it indeed was probably a mistake on Haliris part considering you didn’t spam bluespace banana like the reported guy did.

no. I used them once. I was mostly dicking around against the captain this round. to further boost this. I got multiple mutations during the rad storm thanks to being stuck in the captains quarters and the AI not letting me out in time.

So Haliris didn’t even bother to check which clown was who? How is he an admin?

so uhh @haliris did you actualy mistake me for the other clown or?

It’s been over a week now and still no response. Any other admin able to help me out here?

I’ll look over this appeal this week

Several things went down, one of them being me juggling several issues with a constrained time window.

To summarize your round, you spent your time harassing the captain to no end, trashing his office
and just breaking in/screaming around. This led to him escalating in a manner that I consider borderline, which led to you later escalating.

All of this was done in a rather LRP fashion, I wouldn’t mind for a clown until someone started reporting that their round was being negatively affected, which happened here.

Turns out there were two captains, turns out there were also two clowns, that didn’t really interest me, only your behaviour did, which as I pointed out, wasn’t great.
You have repeated history of breaking the rules on this server, and have had a bad streak as clown, taking your antics too far (which politely means being unfunny and annoying).

With that said, it is true that I should have communicated better, and written a better reason for the note and the ban.
Again, this was in part due to me being under pressure and getting wrong impressions.
As such, I will knock off one week from the ban and rewrite the notes/reason to better reflect where I would have taken the ticket here.

Let it also be said that I get you being angry and getting personnal with me, but no one appreciates you starting drama on and off the forum. I usually treat ban appeals where I may have been imprecise with great urgency.

However, considering my current IRL schedule, and your behaviour, you gave me every reason to not want to touch this until things had cooled down for good.

Regardless of this incident, I must also point out that your presence in this community has been rather negative as suggested by this incident and your record, I’d advise not making noise for a while.