Kero has a firing pin suggestion

Kero makes his own thread to avoid derailing the existing exploration thread, but he has had a thought.

Kero has sometimes wondered why restrictive firing pins exist when the process for removal is so trivial, and the mistake the player @mc_meiler is talking to has made makes sense even if it isn’t true.

Kero proposes that all restrictive firing pins should permanently damage or destroy a weapon upon removal, so that weapons with intended restrictions are not so simple to bypass. Kero believes weapons without special firing pins should still be possible to dismantle and upgrade, however.

Kero makes this suggestion with more than just explorers in mind, and has no intention of preserving their position on Beestation. Kero simply believes this would be a good design choice so that restricted weapons may be implemented without being easily bypassed.
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Kero has some ideas for what “permanent damage” could be:

  • Gun now has a large chance to jam when fired with new pin, preventing its use for a number of attempted shots after the jam
  • Gun may no longer be recharged, if energy
  • Gun is completely inoperable

People really think firing pins are more of an issue than they are. Sure, they can make their guns able to be fired on station. But does it matter? If you’re a non-antag you can’t just start blasting, and in a situation where a non-antag would be allowed to blast away, there’d likely be weapons at cargo for them to use which gets them to the exact same place.

If people want to discuss firing pins, talk about mindshield ones. Those are straight ridiculous. If your gun gets stolen, whoever stole it from you deserves to be able to use it.

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Kero has made an embarassing mistake in editting his prior post instead of making a new one. Please disregard this. Or point and laugh at Kero for drawing attention to it.

Kero reminds you that Mindshield locks are still possible to bypass by stealing a mindshield without destroying the gun. Kero strongly disagrees regardless and believes the more powerful station guns should have a DNA or Mindshield locks by default, just as the powerful syndicate weapons are locked to syndicate usage. Only disablers and other non-lethal weaponry should be unrestricted.

Kero also resents that a shove is more powerful than most weapons mechanically and believes this should change, but that is an entirely different topic for discussion.

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I think a bigger issue is that people are really god damn stupid. They don’t understand that they cannot keep guns or other weapons on them for “self defense”. It’s not just explorers. I’ve had people start going off in LOOC about how they spawned with a gun/katana or found it so it’s “theirs”.

Despite their job being a doctor or engineer or some other non-combat oriented job.

I should just start spamming admins every single time I arrest someone with a weapon because they are just doing this to powergame, but I also know that it would be an “IC” issue depending on admin online. Worst yet is certain players play security or command roles just to enable this kind of behavior, and purposefully sabotage attempts to stop people powergaming by using their rank.

It’s all so tiresome.

Kero reminds you that Mindshield locks are still possible to bypass by stealing a mindshield without destroying the gun.

That is a hell of a lot of steps to do, and borderline impossible as someone without an emag or security ID. You have to get into the armory undetected, steal the mindshield case, open it, then mindshield yourself. Or you can order a crate from cargo, but its still in the case which you can’t crack open. Not to mention the fact that every security person is going to wonder what the hell some random assistant is mindshielded for.

Kero strongly disagrees regardless and believes the more powerful station guns should have a DNA or Mindshield locks by default

Security has a hell of a lot of tools in their arsenal to the point where a drive by shove and steal shouldn’t be a problem. Riot armor and shield leaves you with one hand free to fire a weapon and you are borderline unpushable. Accuracy sucks but volume of fire trumps accuracy especially with the time dilation we get up to Not to mention the balancing issues locking all lethals behind mindshield pins would cause on cult/rev rounds.

It’s really solution looking for a problem. If someone is doing something they shouldn’t, its a rules issue and the admins should get involved. No need to nerf exploration/cult/revs/traitors/whatever just because of one niche circumstance.

This is a certified WYCI moment.

Kero believes any rule which can be enforced or strongly encouraged by code should be. Sec being unable to use antag weapons is good all around in that regard. Non-antags being unable to use firearms at all without extra steps is good in that regard.

Kero likewise feels that being unable to nullify weapons with a shove adds an appropriate fear of weapons that is often lacking.

Sec being unable to use antag weapons is good all around in that regard.

??? The only things they can’t use are nuke op weapons, normal syndicate items that you see 99% of the time aren’t locked by anything. Everything else is bound by SOP not permitting them to do it in most situations.

Kero did not explicitly suggest changing it to include more antagonist weapons, but given that SOP is an expectation for security he believes this to be implied by his prior post. Cultist weapons do not use firing pins, but similarly prevent use by non-cultists. Kero believes this to be good game design worthy of universal application in general.

Kero believes non-antagonists should be mechanically prevented from using the majority of antagonist equipment instead of only a few items, and likewise for the majority of security equipment in the hands of non-security. Security equipment remains ultimately accessible to all, but not easily so.

Kero agrees with this sentiment quite strongly. Players are very entitled to anything they pick up instead of behaving appropriately. Security is treated as shitsec for attempting to confiscate weaponry, and often times security itself continues wielding the spoils of war they are bound by SOP to store in a locker instead.

Kero feels that unless there is a valid argument to be made that this isn’t a problem in the first place, that this should be considered as an option for enforcing rules through gameplay restrictions instead of intervention.

Kero’s original suggestion turns this into another noob trap. Is it not simpler to just remove firing pins from exploration? Who else ever gets them?

No, really. This is an actual question. Are the pins relevant for anyone else? If they are then there’s more to this.

Kero fails to see how making high powered weaponry uniformly unusable by unintended parties is more of a noob trap than playing a guessing game at whether one can use, or even pick up the weapon in some extreme cases such as cultist (heretic?) gear.

Kero believes it is much more unfriendly for a new or laggy player to be easily destroyed by their own weapon because they haven’t mastered shove based combat. The person they are fighting is for some reason not fearful of their high-powered weaponry at all knowing how easily it can be stolen and used against them.

Kero believes only for those picking up nuclear operative weapons currently, but is suggesting it be the case for most powerful weaponry because it is an overlooked and underutilized system due to being so easily bypassed. If Kero isn’t mistaken, firing pins are obtainable through a mixture of security lathe and cargo.

Kero is in favor of the total removal of exploration. Kero makes this suggestion without regard for what happens to exploration specifically, and this would only solve a minor problem which is already being solved by removal of an unnecessary, extraneous role that brings nothing to rounds for anyone except the people playing in that role.

Kero aims to solve the problem of security taking and using antagonist weapons via code instead of expectation to follow rules, as well as restricting antagonists more away from security weaponry causing them to be less of a loot pinata if a single one is caught off-guard, or there happens to be a low-skill sec officer still learning at higher alerts.

While you do this, put mindshielded firing pins on stun batons and disablers

Put mindshield firing pins on harm intent

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Wall of shame this… its so bananas

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