Katya Shirogane player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Katya Shirogane

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/11/2022

Round Number: 39217

Rules Broken: R1

Incident Description: Spent all game saying nyo, nyot and meow, instead of no, not and now respectively

Additional Information: Llol said this is reportable so here I am


That’s just how their character talks.


Exactly, and its cringe and LRP, and nearing on netspeak


Not really, I was actually waiting to be killed the entire time.

As a clown you can’t get mad at people, and I wasn’t mad at you. Clowns that get mad at people for stopping their shittery don’t deserve to be clowns

Either way, admins said this is reportable.

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This is not the first time she has done this. Round 38995:

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link? post must be 15 characters

Fair enough, glad you have that sense of humor at least.

As for the report, I’ll leave it to the admins, I don’t care enough at this point to argue.

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im probabbly not going to be handling this as i cant be arsed to
but if this is a constant thing and not a joke evry-now-and-then
then thats verry much LRP. Uwuspeak is bad.


As others have said, she talks like this all the time, but either way I will let this sit a while so admemes can decide

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Haven’t read fully, but no peanut posting allowed please, take it somewhere else.


Got another round where she was constantly doing baby talk


If admins believe this is a reportable offense then they should tell the wiki people to update the Felinids page. It literally just say this under roleplay for the species:

Can’t blame someone for nyaing if nyaing is only trait blueprint for people roleplaying as felinid.


I really think this is different then just spamming Nya as I have been banned for. Yes, me saying Nya over and over was stupid and bad RP. But having a “nya accent” is an actual character trait that I think is well fitting for a felinid and adds to immersion. Also no point in listing repeat offenses since this is just a constant factor of the character.

It’s unfair to call this nya-ing or compare it to that. It’s closer to writing your text with an accent.


It’s not, its uwuspeak

Literally the opposite, hearing what is supposed to be a professional station employee speaking like a baby is as immersion breaking as it gets.


I was going to just ignore this stupid thread moving forward, but I appreciate the people defending me too much to just stay silent and not give my perspective on this, even if it’s a series of scattered thoughts my tired brain put out.

Yes, it’s an accent, it’s part of the character, and I believe I keep it grounded enough to not become obnoxious by just restricting it to specific sounds/words rather than trying to stick a cat or nya pun every chance I get, in fact I try to have her not bring attention to it at all, she dislikes her own accent ICly. I don’t do it through written communication or PDA messages and I absolutely disagree with the implication that I play some sort of 0RP character that just exists to make nya puns. Any sort of person interacting with her for more than three seconds could tell that and I strive to do better with every interaction I have with people, like I’ve had for hundreds of hours playing her before this report. Regardless of the result of the report, I do not intend to change this. If the admins consider it unacceptably LRP when even higher RP servers than Bee had no issue with it, then I’d rather you just appearance ban the character entirely because I’m not going to compromise on this aspect.

Which brings me to the peanut part of this comment, and about this sort of reports in general. For those defending it, I appreciate your kind words and our IC interactions, but at this point I’ll agree with Xeapor and let admins decide on the result.

For Xeapor and Maggot specifically, I think you’re being disingenuous and underhanded with this and I do not believe your interest is in protecting the quality of RP on the server as it is to stick it to those dirty felinid mains. I don’t think you can in good consciousness use the “professional employee” argument when 90% of the station acts the way it does round after round and gets away with it.

Yes you can argue that every single one of those actions should be reported and taken action against but given the frequency of this behaviour there’s a bigger discussion to be had on the level of RP expected from this server, versus the quality of enforcement and this is not the place for it.


Im closing this untill resolved or atleast long enough for you all to stop acting like butthurt kids, all of you.

Unless you are providing new information relevant to the topic, do not post on reports or appeals.
Your personal oppinion on how the rules should be interpreted do not matter.

For the reported person to try and defend themselves is another matter, of course. Which is why i waited for you to finish typing out that post before doing this.


Alright. Sorry for the delay. Its time for my response!

Looking over the player’s chatlogs they were quite consistent with their cat-pun-accent on the character.
While I do admit they could tone it down a little bit on the more complex words, that is just for readability sake and not for RP reasons. They were managing to get shit done while speaking with this accent and being harassed by the clown.

Speaking of harassed by the clown. I am unable to take any claims of immersion breaking seriously as you beelined it to medical within minutes of spawning, immediately trying to get into places you were not supposed to including chemistry.
Your own say logs contain possibly the bare minimum of Roleplay.
If you have a dislike of felinids that is ok, but I don’t believe this report was really opened in the best of faith.

Also, while a clown can slip, a clown is also supposed to be funny.
There were 143 slips in total this round. 44 of which were due to lube during the blob fighting.
This is not funny.

Report Rejected.