Kane Semenov Player Report

In-game report:


Your Discord:Peppercats#6689

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name:Kane Semenov

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/28/2022

Round Number:42008

Rules Broken: 1, 2, and 3

Incident Description:
While on green, Kane went and fully augmented himself, then made his own nanites to use, ontop of arming himself with multiple weapons from the armory and the reflector vest.

While it can be argued it’s fine to arm yourself as a sec off, it’s not ok to go do other peoples job for them so that you can dunk on antags the entire round. I’ve witnessed him making nanites as secoff multiple rounds now so this isn’t a “oh I only did that once” incident. Not to mention that the armory shouldn’t have been opened to begin with that round as a bomb going off doesn’t necessarily mean security needs to be armed with lethals.

Additional Information: I was a pirate this round and we were trying to do a non violent gimmick where we blended into the crew and silently stole stuff rather than killing people. Instead we all got lethaled or immediately put on death row for simply being pirates despite out crimes being nearly non existent.


Full auging round start as someone that’s allowed to validhunt isn’t cool. There’s no way an antag could prep for that. At least if a scientist does it to play with a would be assassin could actually prepare a ghetto emp to destroy them.

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Hey, so to put things in my perspective, I did get augments early on, but i believe that augmenting yourself as a secoff is considered to be a tradeoff instead of an upgrade. You become more resilient to brute damage in exchange for getting massive damage and hard stuns by EMPs.

As for the stuff. I was absent during most of the pirate issue but by the time threat was already on station i walked in to brig and warden shouted at me to get myself suited up. By that time whole sec brig area was covered with guns and SWAT armor, combat shotguns you name it. Armory was also open. So i grabbed reflector vest judging by that pirates will probably have laser weaponry. It did pay off.

Also i did not catch pirates having a nice chitchat with crew but instead caught them red handed breaking into vault and shooting people.

I was doing whole thing with robo augmenting myself for quite some time, I do it sometimes when i get assigned to science team as sec. If my reasoning is wrong then please, correct me, I will try to show my point of view.

Syndicate agents, changelings, even pirates use EMPs to gain advantage over secoffs, since most weapons they rely on are energy dependent. EMPs are very frequently used.

You’re cherry picking and making your case worse, wait for an admin to handle it, not admitting guilt is the worst thing you can do because it shows you’re just going to do it again.

Well equipped antags specced for combat (or the odd antag that wants a way to disable comms and sensors) can counter you, most antags that lack that, be they incapable of it or just only specced to handle a single seccie, just get ruined by it. At the end of the day it’s just a level of prep or volatility that is unhealthy to an antag’s round.

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I’m showing my point of view, since its hard to put up whole story just based by logs, and admins often are asking for insight during reports.

As for your statement:

not admitting guilt is the worst thing you can do because it shows you’re just going to do it again.

its plain ridiculous. You’re just using slippery slope at this point. I’ve every right to explain my actions as I believe I’m not guilty.

Lets keep it focused about the round details, not forecast or assume what didn’t happen.


if i understand correctly you augmented yourself instead of a robo doing it and also made your own nanites as a security officer?


only after explosion that turned bridge into a giant hole, since we were 30 minutes into the shift and no nanites were made at this point. Still not a job that secoff could do normally, but this was made with a reason.

correction: I did not self augment myself. I’ve asked roboticist to do aug surgery on me.

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The small hole caused by a rubber duck set off by an engineer, who also managed to set off the other one the traitor had bought, basically looking like he was suicide bombing. Don’t lie to make it seem like you had any justification, did you go and research the nanitites too? There was science staff onboard, so again, wait for an admin to take the report and stop being a Zishy.

I’ve seen you go and make yourself nanites in multiple rounds before this so it’s not like this was some one off thing as well.

This “small hole” destroyed half of bridge rendering it easily accesible for anyone to tide in for the rest of the shift. It also depressurized hallways around it.

I try to assist scientists in every round as science assigned security officer, for example I guide them how to make maxcaps justifying it by “taking EOD classes”, sometimes even cap/RD gives me access to do that.

I believe that officers are allowed to assist their dispatched departments since most of the time they are loitering said area.If the station is facing danger or dereliction we can assist. I’m not saying they can totally take over their jobs, but make basic setups e.g. setting up SM where there is no engineer available, but otherwise would put station in danger.

I do remember that I asked scientist to make me some nanites but all he said was that he does not know nanites well and went off somewhere. By the time bomb blew i already had nanites but they were dormant(without any features), i went to science and added mechanical repair and some other features to it. Its not like i spent half of the shift making the nanites and taking scientists job. Also please put it in consideration that I was not preparing but responding to threat.

Don’t lie to make it seem like you had any justification

As I said earlier please keep it civilized instead of making such claims.

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1 year bump 1515151515

Uh. 1 year?

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Duh. 3 years, I have no idea where you’re getting 1 year from!

In the time since this report, I think Kane has stopped doing all of the things in this report and has improved greatly.

I’d like this report closed because it would be unfair for him to be punished.

Closing this as per the poster’s request.