Kane Semenov, Kayla-borg, and Unknown Paramed report

CKEY: DesecratedSage

Your Discord: DesertSage#7792

Offender’s CKEY: (Unknown), (Unknown), (Unknown) [Will Update if found or provided]

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kane Semenov, KAYLA(?), Unknown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-28-2022

Round Number: 42007

Rules Broken: 1-3-8 (All Applicable), 11 / 14 (Applicable to Kayla(?)

Incident Description:

Multiple staff members went onto Lavaland to hunt down and brutalize ashwalkers, and in the case of Kayla, disobeyed laws in order to pursue this, and may have also cheated death using exploits or metacommunications.

A Paramedic went down not to pull crew from danger, but to pull ashwalkers onto the station for failed pacifications.

I was the QM, and my only information regarding this incident, and I swear by this, was that I heard ashwalkers screaming for mercy over supply communications and was able to understand them because I was playing a lizard character (Tanner Khan).

Additional Information: The Ashwalker Players likely have more input on what they experienced - I was only able to do so much to deter (edit) what I saw as blatant murderboning that was occurring and was provided no explanation besides ‘Miners were murdered’ which given that they weren’t being talkative over supply comms (when I had them on, commons was clogged up by genetic experiments babbling incessantly and even then I wasn’t hearing jack) I needed far more context.


What were KAYLA’s laws?

I was one of the ashwalkers who also while observing noticed that the entirety of the security force with borgs and mechs in tow had rushed down to lavaland to kill the ashwalkers, the worst of them being the Borg mentioned, Kayla who completely ignored their laws and syndicate master to hunt down ashwalkers longer than anyways else. It can also probably be of note that I think i watched them get killed as a mediborg and fully destroyed, before reappearing as a mining borg a while later to continue hunting the ashwalkers, but i could have mistaken the mediborg for them.

It’s still unclear why everyone was down hunting the ashwalkers with such enthusiasm, even if they had killed the miners, it’s not uncommon for miners to be killed and never be retrieved (none of the miners got retrieved anyways).

They were set to have only syndicate agents be human, and only their master (forget the name) can designate who is a syndicate agent on asimov i think. Being on lavaland does not protect syndicate agents if they’re all on the station.

If they were synchronized correctly, then they should have been on Crewsiimov, but compromised like the AI was. I don’t think the one-human compromiser ended up on lavaland with the borgs anyways.

Ah then it was the syndicate agents are only crew thing

Kane secoff here, before i got to lavaland i saw mine borg and paramed hunting for ashwalkers. We managed to capture two ashwalkers with other secoff. I also killed one ashie near round end when i was looking for other miner, who was violently dismembered. i killed him after i witnessed this gruesome scene and chugged him into a tendrill.

KAYLA minerborg here, I did not have the supply encryption key installed so I didn’t hear much ashwalker radio chatter that was supposedly happening.

I had engaged the ashwalkers after stumbling upon security and other crew members messing with them while I was mining.

I have no idea why everyone was even there, I defended them because I presumed I was crewsimov, but doesn’t explain my continued being there after they all left/died.

I should honestly be punished for my hubris in thinking that any level of further involving myself with the ashwalkers was ok, there were probably better things I could have been doing.

In the end, I don’t think I killed that many ashwalkers, they mostly went into crit from what I saw and they rightfully sacrificed me to the tendril.

How did you continue to come back after dying, out of curiosity?

Well I mean, I was never a mediborg like the theory suggested.
I was formerly a Shaft Miner, I had died after making an attempt to get ashwalkers to RP with me. I wanted to keep mining that shift so I spawned as posibrain, noticed the lack of materials on the station, and I went minerborg.

Which, was a clear conflict of interest I should have resolved by not further interacting with the ashwalkers that round.



Yet another “mutliple players report” that doesn’t bring precise accounts.
I’m dismissing the entire ashwalker vs crew/sec situation because I don’t have a single account from any ashwalker players.

As such, I shall only focus on the borg that supposedly ignored its master, and the paramed that supposedly exemplified paramedic gameplay by focusing on sawing valids rather than helping the crew.

Player played as cargo tech, then ashwalker, then mining borg.
Aside from some looc salting while ashwalker, that didn’t violate any rules, no rule breaks were found. I have no evidence that they ignored their masters, and they didn’t fight for as much as the report suggests.

This part of the report is rejected.

Herronges Wible was the paramedic involved in the fight.

No relevant combat logs were found, only grabs and healings. Their saylogs too suggest that they were indeed playing as a paramedic, preocupied with stabilizing patients and helping them, rather than dunk on antags.

This part of the report is rejected.

Overall, this report is rather aimless, because it is based on a misconception. Ashwalkers are not friendlies. Everyone has an obligation to roleplay as their character, but ashwalkers aren’t really protected by additional rules beyond that.

The only thing I could find out for sure is that the ashwalkers opened hostilities by killing some miners, and got a response from the station. Nothing over the top.

Report rejected

Again, try to gather some concrete evidence when making these reports.