Kalavi Lumen player Feedback

It’s been around a year that I’ve been on beestation and have played for a total of roughly 600 hours.

A while back I made a less serious thread in general when I had around 200 hours but have gotten around alot more since then.

I’ve played ALOT of SEC since I realized I get alot of fun out of trying to keep the never ending assassinations, sabotage and theft at bay while killing a minimum number of people*, which has inevitably lead me to the ill fate of playing HoS due to the major lack of command staff players after 8:00pm eastern standard time.

You may also know me as one of the more drink focused bartenders, a chef that loves making pizza and a once regular miner.

Recently I’ve been captain afew rounds**, but for the purposes of jogging your memories, here are afew things to jog your memory. Namely a picture and Youtube playlist of some of my semi-recent H.o.S. Exploits.

I must know now, have I done well as a player? as a character? has the RP been good if at least decent?

Good bar electric boogaloo

(*I’ve thrown some people in perma or sent them down to lavaland, but I have yet to actually put a shotgun or laser to the head of a man in SEC and unceremoniously pull the trigger, or use the “Re-education room”)
(**where are Danforth boatlegs and Gary Ulysses Johnson when you need them! I only set “captain” to “Medium”!)


i havent been playing much ss13 this last half a year or so, but overall I think you’re a wonderful person on the forums at the very least, you have my Taste Of A Liar seal of approval

Service main by heart, sec main by necessity. Are we the same person?

Kalavi lumen when he sees the “NT approved spare ID code” in his bag, knowing damn well he’s the only command staff on station: