Kain's Admin Application

Don’t have to be so agressive about it. That being said, “They do it for free” is in full effect, and I don’t disagree with you.

I get what you mean.

On the other hand, inactivity means that they’re out of touch with what’s going on. I don’t think someone should have authority over something that they don’t invest time into.

Inactive admins leads to appeals on forums for potentially flawed bans going on for much longer than necessary because the banning 'min can’t pull the necessary logs, give important context, outright justify their ban, etc.

Don’t want to point fingers, but there have already been forum posts that have gone a full week without any activity because the assigned admin was just twiddling their thumbs instead of replying to the topic, eventually leading to a council member doing it for them.

If you have a life that doesn’t allow for you to consistently participate in Bee, then just let the server be a game you play every once in a while rather than a community you moderate.

Funny that I only ever had around 4 appeals, which I almost immediately went and dealt with. Just because other inactive admins fail to exist on beestation as a whole, doesn’t mean I fail to exist as a whole as well. Because even during burnout of the actual game, I still waddled around on the forums. I knew the rules well enough to not have to worry about flawed bans for the most part.

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+2 because Kain came back and has played again, to get back and get the scoop on what’s going on

When are we accepting this, I’ve seen even more inactive admins than kain before. The dude wants to do good for the server.

If it was me i’d accept this already, inactivity is not a reason to be gatekeeped from returning as a admin if your conduct was on point. While it would be nice if admins got used to letting others know they’re busy, it should be senior administrators job to ask that question in the first place.

+1. Kain, when be was a fullmin and was actually playing, handled tickets really well and I’ve seen how fast he’s dealt with appeals. I think we should at least give 'em another chance as trialmin, and if they decide not to be active, so be it, I suppose.

Bumping my +1 to a plus +2 for a total of +4

Bring back kain, inactivity is not a personality flaw

If they think they have the time now we should accept it and see

I dunno if trialmins can do it, but +1,
Because the problem of inactivity decreases the more admins we have.

Was only inactive because nobody retired him after he asked

+1, actually a good admin, just went inactive.

Accepting this at a uhhhh

What, +7? +8? Lost track of.