Kainoa mentor app

Your CKEY: Kainoa
Your Discord: TothBrush#7048

How long have you been playing ss13?: Started playing in 2013 before the view-tracked-playtime verb was introduced and a lot of the servers I played on are dead so I can’t tally up the hours from there. I think I have 200 on tg, another 150 hours hippiestation, plus 142h on bee. Started on NoX and facepunch, then moved to bestRP then yogs then hippiestation. Then moved onto TG and now I play on beestation mostly and hop around either beestation MRP, fulp or citadel when it’s really late at night and beestation pop drops down below 30.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
Uhh i dunno. I was a mentor back in 2015 on hippiestation but got removed due to inactivity when i took a break. I’m sure a handful of players will -1 my application because I call them retards in the discord but I only get mad when I see experienced players spreading misinformation that could be cleared up by experimenting. Anyways 99% of mentorhelps are things like “how do I unload a body from an oddessys”, “how do I get virus food”, and how do I spin a freezer. Nobody’s going to be asking why their fusion mix is only 9.1e+010 degrees Kelvin instead of 3.5e+079 degrees Kelvin.

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I know chemistry and xenobiology far above and beyond what most players do. I can do atmos, engineering, and virology extremely well. I can do almost every job at a competent except genetics simply because I never bothered to learn. The only things I can’t help someone with is fusion, tritium bombs and fusion bombs, genetics, and clockwork cult.

PS: I’m in Hawaii and I go to bed at around 4-6 AM as well as regularly stay up all night with no sleep which is when zero admins and zero mentors are online which is why I think someone ought to be able to answer questions around this time.

Since I see your fairly active and your account history also you have a good amount of playtime I’ll give my +1.

Edit: changed to - 2 check below response.

+1 6 year old account and very active on the server

+1, just don’t call people retards when they ask “stupid” questions.

EDIT: I have changed my vote to a -2. Check my post below.

+1 I see them on a lot and as many have stated… 6 years playing space station 13

They seem like a decent player and they know what they’re doing so I’ll give it a +1

By God do we need more mentors on at the wee hours of night, usually just me and a few admemes or like one other mentor if I’m lucky, would +1 if I could but admemes fear the mentor clan from gaining too much power

+1 from me, i’ve seen you online a bunch.

+1, also why do posts gotta be 20 chARACTERS LONG AAA

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I’m a bit on the fence, as I hear you are permad on a lot of other servers and discords.

I’ve also heard about you sharing your fantasies on the lifeweb discord.

However you seem to not be all about that kind of stuff anymore, and you seem to be an active knowledgable player, so I’ll give you my +1

I’ve also heard about you sharing your fantasies on the lifeweb discord.

That was the TG discord which is why they kicked me out. NSFW is against their rules. Plus cut me some slack I was like 14 when I played lifeweb.

Changed to -2

For reference: https://tgstation13.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=23451

Setting aside your history in LifeWeb, I still don’t think I want you in a position higher than player.

Actually, I totally forgot about how you were openly speaking about your child rape fantasies on Lifeweb before.
Fuck you, stay gone.


@qwertyquerty I think you should know about this

It was one shitpost on the TG discord during a discussion about lifeweb don’t blow it out of proportion.

I’m going to have change my +1 to a - 2. Xlyana’s link indicates something I never realised in his response. Not entirely sure if it’s a good idea to give mentor privileges with the past history as it is above player and has certain perks. Unless other admins can vouch for yourself I’d have to stay at a - 2.

What privileges do mentors get?

They get to have access to msay, they also have an ability to basically predict round types based on peoples mentor helps.

No one man should have this much power

-2, I don’t think your personality jibes well with being staff. Excessive rudeness and swearing on Discord over different opinions, and an admin report over a minor escalation issue? No thanks.

the admin report was because I made an ahelp and it got denied with zero response

also the “minor escalation issue” was this: https://i.imgur.com/DrM0u7y.png
Getting put into crit instantly over a misclick after apologizing.

If you’re tracking down my mentor application less than 30 minutes after I make a complaint about you then you’re just being a vindictive asshole