Kacperpl123pl (Marczin Szebeszynszki) banned by whyiscaeciliustaken

**CKEY:**Marczin Szebeszynszki

**Admin’s CKEY:**whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

**Ban Type:**Server

**Ban Length:**ALL TIME

**Ban Date 2020-01-07 11:42

**Round ID:**11194

**Ban Reason:**Killed a clown then dissconct (ban say that no reason but i was having Ic reason to do it and ooc reason was just pure rage after clown stealing what i worked for

Blockquote Killed and spaced the clown for seemingly no reason, then disconnected. Explain on the forums.

**Appeal Reason:**i did not disconect but my game crashed and i was trying to reconect and i manage to do it but few sec after i was banned (having ic reason and some ooc rage that i was unable to stop)

Additional Information: if you ask me for reason there was one when i get as qm to back room of the cargo bay clown arrive and when i opened the CMO locker he took hud (autodoctor) that i specialy took the locker for i was trying to disarm him but he instaled it to fast that made me rage and killed him for stealing (i did so much hard work to get this locker) if you ask abaut the disconect it was game crash i got now random game crashes it started when on 05 the TG was Ddosed now my game crash like 10m - 15 m acually after this time and i was just reconeting and pick up few items before getting baned so the admin dident saw me reconeting or dident chek it so i want to appel for this ban as you see i was reconecting and it was not murderborning then leaving as you see i was having IC reason to kill the clown and the reason i disconected was due to game crash that im unable to stop or prevent.

So you killed the clown for using the autodoc…which you were stealing. Regardless, killing someone for stealing something is textbook over-escalation. Especially spacing them.

i wanted to space him and call the cago shuttle to see if the implant will pop out if he dident ban me i was going to bring all his items and his brain to cloning and reffiled the autodoctor using the implant

This is not only massively not ok, but you also have over a page of severe overescalation notes. Since the perma part was for disconnecting, I will reduce this to two weeks, but you will be on Thin Ice for the six weeks after

ANY banworthy instance of overescalation during that period will result in a permanent ban.