Just fully remove swarmers

Perhaps make 'em findable not with a GPS but, like the movement detector from Alien Isolation exclusively for Swarmers.

Sounds like spiders in a way but still different enough to be viable, not bad!

one of my main issue is thats i see ore silo rushes. i woudl maybe also suggest making the ore silo and techfabs not eatable.

Or just design better maps. Such as box station, why is the medbay storage so far away from medbay central and chemistry and close to virology and genetics, the ones who use it like once per shift.

And for vaults, Fland has the right idea. No vents in the vault at all. Because why should it?


This just a straight up buff, right now they’re already too unmanaageable in their boring state and you want to actively buff them ?
That’s not really the point though :confused:

This can be circumenvented a little if crew is smart and just pull out some mats for their departements before ore silo gets eaten.

mostly the silo is the first thing thats gets eaten and leads to finding out there are swarmers

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I’m fond of the idea of having a beacon, but maybe have the monolith appear in maints and be unmovable. Swarmers goal would be to keep it alive. If it ever got destroyed, it would disconnect all swarmers just like a locked-down borg, but ghosts would also be kicked out of their vessels.

replace swarmers with me :slight_smile:

I’m not sure your name would sound good if it finished with -er.


I can think of one other way to improve them.

Make them NPC on station just like they are on lavaland so they expand outward from spawn location (which would have to be somewhere other than gateway now) instead of infesting the whole station in endless hidden pockets.

They will be a similar event to space vines then with more destruction in a tighter area.

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Wacky statement!!

Absolute deviousness!!!

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I remember seeing swarmer varient that was basically lavaland pylon but player controlled.
Spawns somewhere on station and needs to be defended, kinda like blob with lasers.

Gives crew an actual objective rather than hunt down the ventcrawlers and call the shuttle

Yeah that sounds good but code wise it’s probably harder than just giving them noise when they walk and preventing them from turning off their light.

I fear for the integrity of my left mouse button when I play as a swarmer.


Swarmer gameplay league of legends confirmed

Hot take.

Let us destroy inactive swarmers.

wait, can they fucking not be right now?
That is pretty bad tbh haha

They can, it is just not obvious how. You need to use a screwdriver to remove their power source. You can then pick it up like any other item. I like to keep them as pets. :3


As ambiic said, you can simply use a screwdriver on one to permanently disable them.

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