Jungle planet

I think there should be a jungle planet where explorers can do missions/explore (with help from the curator), some miner mining can be done (with bannanium occurring naturally), and lastly when my favorite mobs can be added into the game (outside of admin spawning): Jungle mobs.

The jungle planet could be “unlocked” by doing a series of missions that has the station collecting bits of data until it’s complete and shows where the planet is (this could just be like finding a “unknown” disk that once inputed into a objective console will activate the quest line). This planet will be fully pressurized and breathable and resemble a rainforest. Wood and other randomly spawning plants (including endemic plants that botany can take advantage of) can be harvested and there are some minor ore deposits which contain mostly: gold, silver, diamonds, and rarely bannanium. You can find artifacts or disks in two different structures: a ruined village that mostly has tribal crafts with an alter with a random piece of tech (could be a flashlight, could be a tech disk or even HOS’s gun), and a ancient temple that you will have to bring the curator along to help get inside and avoid traps.

With the removal of devils, curators are more of a gimmick job than an resource for the station the majority of the time. Replace the Codix Gigas with a “Old Journal” (can’t think of a better name), this journal will help translate carvings on the door and give clues to a codeword that the curator will have to say to open the main entrance to the temple, which the codeword will be in a language which carvings on the outside of the temple will gives clues to (just a outline of a mob that corresponds to a language). Anyone would be able to use the book, but you won’t be able to open the door unless someone knows the language (also gives some more benefits for having the multilingual perk and book of babel). The old journal will also help reveal what possible kinds of traps that could be inside and they can be things like: camouflaged bear traps, flying darts/glass, traps that release monsters you have to fight, voice activated traps, and maybe even the classic giant rolling rock. The temple can have three main rooms, two miner rooms with randomized items and then one throne room with powerful artifacts. Some of the items may be trapped, which after they’re triggered the temple will begin to self destruct and you will have to exit in a short time period or face death. Also maybe put in some kind of system to allow some of the gear curators can get to help. Like with the ghost buster gear, you’re able to see the pressure plates by seeing the “ghosts” of those who tried to raid it before.

The jungle mobs will also be around the area, with some having special items you can harvest. Dead leapers will allow you to collect 15 units of leaper toxin using a syringe, seedlings have a low chance of dropping parts you can craft that allows you to get food through light, and I haven’t thought of anything for mega arachnoids.

Other ideas my brain has come up with that I'm just throwing out there for this
  • There is a chance that ruined villages will have ghost role plant inhabitants, they are mostly blessed with the knowledge that a special alcohol made with the jungle planets plants will make the megafuana not agro on you right away

  • add a few smaller/weaker jungle mobs instead of just having megafuana, Leapers will pretty much kill anyone who gets caught once in their jump-stun attack. Maybe a venus flytrap kind of monster that acts more like a camouflaged, stationary golaith that looks like food to players who are hungry (they release a smell that makes those who are hungry very attracted to it)

  • Special tribal crafts that require parts from slain jungle monsters and megafuana to make, like a organic weapon that spits out the mega arachnids fleshy snares

  • You can find wild gorillas you can tame

  • You can find lost explorers, that can also help open the temple door if you have the old journal with you (just a back-up if you don’t have a curator)

  • You can also find parrots, crabs, and a few other animals natively here

Yeah I know this is probably something would require a bounty for but I think this would be fun and intresting, makes the curator have more of a purpose and finally include my favorite mobs. It was honestly either me making a post about this or making a post about doing a test run of reintroducing Lava Dwarfs back into the game (seriously, I had no idea these things were in the code until a few minutes ago and it’s just SS13 dwarf fortress)


jungle should have some big monkey as megafauna, like gorilla, but even bigger

or else no jungle


Giga gorilla


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Colonial Marines… but with Primates.

Ted Kazinski’s paradise

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jungle planet would be a nice alternative to lavaland.

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the only problem i can see with this is i’m pretty sure the server would just keel over and die if it had to load two planets (afaik lavaland is really intensive as-is) but this could provide a very different experience if used as an alternate.

the reason the jungle mobs are so hard for solo players is because the jungle was designed to be explored as a group. sure a leaper will fucking kill solo miners but a squad of two or three? It wouldn’t be bad. Especially if other departments could come down cough cough public mining to do their stuff on the planet sticking together to not die won’t be difficult.

Mm maybe they can be randomly picked between lavaland and jungle by the game?

Yeah I agree with other comments about having either the jungle planet or lavaland. Though no matter how much of a good idea this is a bounty would probably have to put on it to get it coded. Not sure how interested the coders would be trying to do all this

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