Jungle fever upgrades

it is beyond obvious that jungle fever is unbalanced. I have personally, never seen a jungle fever round successful to the end, and while I do not doubt that it’s possible for monkeys to take over the station and ‘win,’ it’s extremely unlikely. so unlikely, that it completely negates the reason for this antag round to even exist LET ALONE be in active rotation

i know I’m not the one to bring this to anybody’s attention, as the only reason I thought to make this post was because there was a recent effort by coders to help force a balance (ref. jungle fever patient zeros are now rabid apes, not monkeys). but it didn’t work in achieving a balance, at all (no offense to the person who implemented this)

my suggestion in response to this, is GET MONKEYS AN UPLINK. i realize this would be a lot of coding, but if there is really an effort to balance, i think head monkeys getting an uplink would be a great way to do it. the uplink would be connected to a planet of the apesesque central command place, and the goal of the monkeys would be planet of the apesesque too, where they succeed by taking control of the station forcing the humans into a subserveant, powerless role. this way the monkeys have a way to get a foothold and pose a REAL challenge to the station, and they also have a common, honorable goal to achieve

in some sense, it would be similar to nations, where there are multiple groups fighting for power AND the entire station is in one of groups, regardless of roundstart preferences

if i knew how to code, i would do it. but i don’t. do i not know how to code because i’m dumb and don’t understand beep boopy numbers? yes. that’s it. thank u for reading

Imo the gorilla “buff” only made monkey mode harder, since gorillas are slower, cant ventcrawl and since they are slower, are more prone to getting a shotgun shot in the back.
Maybe add some sort of monkey hivemind where the roundstart monkeys speak in bigger text and give roundstart monkeys a speed boost for the first minute or so.
Or you could make the monkey virus not show up on huds, but only health analyzers, so people cant just run around with a medhud and kill everyone with an icon next to them, resulting in more people being converted into monkeys and less people dying because they got bit.


tell me a planet of the apes uplink doesn’t sound cool though

You mean a normal taitor uplink with normal taitor equip? Well guess what gorillas only have 2 hand slots to hold stuff and no other slots, so good luck trying not to loose it. I feel like the main problem of monkeh mode isnt having no tator items, but that everyone just kills the infected to clone them. It once got so bad admemes send someone to bomb cloning, so medbay would stop killing the infected

Gorillas have opposable thumbs. idk why they couldn’t get similar coding to a humanoid. The uplink would prolly be pretty similar to syndicate. the apes from the movie are super high tech

I definitely think the head monkeys starting as gorillas was a massive step backwards since the first few minutes of the gamemode requires stealthiness from the head-monks. It’d be better if there was a small chance of a bitten crewmember becoming a gorilla.


Even better, let the gorillas pick up machines and consoles with both of their giant gorilla mits and chuck them at crewmembers for massif damage.

Better yet it’s a cult atmosphere where instead of summoning nar’sie they summon king kong

Jungle Fever is a painful gamemode for the bitten because is broken. A single borg or IPC can cuck them all, flashes, med huds, etc. They have way to many counters and more often than not people would rather suicide than be monkified when bit. It all adds up to a shitty gamemode in practice

just lower the time it takes monkey to climb into a vent because this is how 90% of them die

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A big problem with jungle fever is that people who get bit immediately run to medbay and ask people to kill and clone them. The main reason for this is that monkeys fucking suck, they have very few storage spaces, they can’t fire guns, stepping on a glass table fucks them up, and borgs, plasmemes, and IPCs break the entire gamemode. The only upside to monkeys is that they can remove all of their shit and ventcrawl, which takes forever and some atmos tech can just weld the vents shut or flood them with burning plasma. Also, unlike the other conversion antags, they have to take out the entire crew to win. Fixing monky is gonna take a total rework.

A total rework but can’t they just copy and paste code. it almost seems as if there’s pushback to keep this game mode shitty