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I don’t care if it’s “cringe,” I like to play dress-up with my pixels. I want jumpskirts.

when you port it

aha i said it

Did somebody say an easy porting thing for a beginner coder?!?!

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Back on tg as a shitsec I forced perma prisoners to wear jumpskirts as a punishment because it was considered as the ultimate insult.
In some cases there people would consider you valid for forcing a jumpskirt on someone.

But people on bee are different, they would gladly wear a jumpskirt because of “reasons”.

Please keep the horny away from my beloved server

Skirts are cringe, but they are basically more clothing options and that is always welcome, despite being cringe.

We changed the look of MedSci uniforms so you’d need them to get resprited to our version first.

Haha yes.

necro post >:(