Juke™#0062 Discord Warn Appeal

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Admin Discord ID:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Ban Reason:
“don’t post that “moth sex” video”
Appeal Reason:
I just got muted for having three warns. This one is particularly dated. I dont remember the exact contents of the video but it features an in-game sprite of a moth moving in a manner that could be interpreted as sexual (though its by its nature very very pixelated).
I dont think the warn itself is unwarranted, but I think that I have learned my lesson and have not since posted any similar content, so the automute could please be removed. (the other warns were for different reasons, accidentially posting memes that were considered too political)
Additional Information:

Heyo, lets get this sorted quick then, yes?
the warning admin here was hellomate, who’s since retired. So i’ll be taking this one.

Im honestly split on warnign for that clip in the first place. But it sure is a wierd clip.
If we’re agreeing to not post shit like that again, ill lift this.

Sure thing, Im definetly not gonna do that!

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