Juke™#0062 Discord Warn Appeal 2

Discord ID:
Admin Discord ID:
Ban Type:
Discord Warn
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Ban Reason:
“nword in meme”
Appeal Reason:
I dont know what the exact image was due to this being so long ago. I definetly wont intentionally post any images containing slurs on the discord.
I would like this warn removed so I can be unmuted.
Additional Information:

This one was mine, so we get to do the same spiel again.

Uh, god knows how beebot works sometimes. You are actualy already unmuted.
But now were’re here so lets get it done.

I dont remember your name as someone whos known for causing problems, so yea this one can go away aswell, sure.
Take half a second to make sure your images dont have any words we’ve decided to ban in them, and we’ll be cool. Espechaly tricky on this front are videos that might contain it for a half second and its hard to remember.