Jrmount1609 banned by Dardine

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Repeated LRP behavior (CF edit)
Appeal Reason:
It has been a good month since my issued ban and I will once again apologise for my behaviour that has put me in this situation. I apologise for causing you admins an issue as well as not acting LRP on a clearly MRP stated server. In addition, I am further ashamed of getting myself in this situation considering the many hours I have spent on Beestation possible well over 100 hours. Furthermore, I have come to realise how amazing this server is and how it’s in my opinion one of the best servers on Byond, which is why I’ve been missing it so much. I promise to you admin that I will act my age online and act accordingly to the servers climate (MRP) and re-read the rules over again. I wish for the ban to be appealed and removed giving me a second chance… I sincerely ask you for that. You have my word I won’t cause an issue again to the gameplay and the hard working admins.

In any case I am unbanned and given a second chance, I fully understand this unban won’t be taken lightly and i’ll further go out of my way to make sure an issue won’t be caused for the gameplay of other players as well as the admins. Sorry for my LRP behaviour/actions.


This guy is a good guy, i sponsor Jr. Solid legend, played several times wit him and always ended good

Sadly this isn’t a “explain on forums” ban, unless an exception, for some reason, will be made for you, you’ll have to appeal after 1 year of your ban date with a vouch from a major server admin (tg, goon, etc big servers)

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I understand that. However, some people are perma banned for more nefarious reasons as such ddossing ect ect (much more intrusive behaviour) I was banned for LRP, which is why I think I should receive something less at least up to a month.

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I haven’t heard of many IC issues resulting in permabans unless someone constantly does it and avoids bans by changing accs, idk why u got the permaban

To clarify, the ban reason was edited to target the general low-quality roleplay since when we went to investigate the original report the behavior was pretty consistent. In addition to the OOC messages we also found little effort put into the actual roleplay side of things. Some basic examples would include:

SAY: Jrmount1609/(Ramone Doogle) “im going cryo fuck dis shit” (Brig (120, 169, 2))
SAY: Jrmount1609/(Ramone Doogle) “I SAY FUCKA DIS STATION” (Brig (120, 166, 2))
SAY: Jrmount1609/(Ramone Doogle) “NEE HAO” (Brig (120, 166, 2))

I wouldn’t generally say this particular brand of LRP is perma worthy, but the prior appeals certainly painted a negative picture of your character and contributed to the final length post-review. I think it’s fine to argue that the punishment doesn’t match the crime and the appeal can be focused on that. I’ll leave it open to the original banning admin to review things and determine if the ban should be reduced or not.

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You are absolutely right. I fully admit that was certainly my bad,however, please consider my long lengthy play time (much higher than others who are perma banned) where I have role played giving people a good experience as well as my own.

i agree wit this, ramone has been playin for a while and i think cos we are in same timezone we always play at same time early in morning so i rp wit him plenty he a good dude

thanks abdool shmaddyapple

I’m gonna go ahead and round this off to a month, so your ban will end March 28th.
Consider this a heavy warning to work on the RP and prooobably don’t talk about fuckin chickens in OOC anymore.


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