Joystardust banned by piterskiy

CKEY: joystardust

Admin’s CKEY: piterskiy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Unsure. I recieved a server and mass job ban at the same time.

Ban Type:
Server ban and job ban

Ban Length:
2 days or thereabouts

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2019-11-29 07:53

Round ID:

Ban Reason:
as AI, messed around with SM when it started to delaminate when a competent CE was already dealing with it(opening SM doors to vent N2, this also almost killed the CE who was working with SM; turning on freezer pumps; setting gas filters to filter nothing;), poor law interpretation. consider this as a last warning.

Appeal Reason:
Mostly what bothers me about this ban is that the CE did not seem competent. They disabled the freezers, which I was asking them nicely in game to fix, removing the pump to the freezers might make sense when you have chilly nice 35k coolant in them, but the gas was over 1000C at this point. There was no saving the SM after all the “working on” the SM this CE had done.
In this round I had a “People who vandalise the station are not human - eliminate them” law I believe. And I had warned the CE to replace the gas pump and let me assist in cooling the SM.
In order to reduce the blast from the rapidly delaminating SM I did indeed open up the vents (after telling engineering) to release all coolant and reduce the blast radius.
At this point the CE did more vandalising and cut cameras.
Therefore I did indeed open the SM doors (after warning on engineering that I was going to) and did manage to prevent the explosion taking out the engi lobby and atmos, at this point the CE had been warned they would lose “human” privilages if they vandalised the station.
Perhaps that was overzealous of me but from my perspective the CE was absolutely putting the SM in a position where the delam was unrecoverable.

Additional Information:

I got TWO bans from this one round. In what way is that useful as they’re for the same amount of time?
Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, AI, Cyborg, pAI - job ban.
Server ban - same time.

Also “consider this as a last warning” in the ban text bothers me severely.
Two strikes from one incident (that I didn’t get boinked over at the time) seems off as well.

I do feel that a break from AI might be entirely acceptable. I just don’t want to get my ass permabanned over someone who doesn’t understand how freezers work and I don’t want some notch towards permaban over a silly incident like this,

using freezers with T1 components to cool down hot SM gas is the worst thing you can do
it will eventually clog up and it will take much longer time to cool down
maybe i was kinda wrong when i wrote “consider this as a last warning”, but from my viewpoint it was likely to be blatant grief, i’ll remove this part from ban reason.
not going to reduce ban lenght or something
i’ll leave this thread unlocked for a few days if someone wants to make an input

I’m not sure we’re talking about the same kind of setup here.
It was straight piped through so the gas wasn’t going to be diverted off and solely cooled by the freezers, just a proportion sucked into it to provide additional cooling. At that point in the delam every little bit mattered. And yes I agree that better coolers make it work better, but I see a lot of misinformation about how good or bad coolers are. I’ve found they only very rarely make a problem worse and I’m pretty sure I have more CE time than the CE who reported this.
I am happy with you not reducing an length. 2 days is fine.
Can you address why there is a general ban as well as a job ban for the same time period?

its not the same
you got 3 day server ban and 2 or 3 weeks sillicon and engie department ban

All good.
I didn’t see any mention of the laws that I was under - including the one where any sabotage to the SM meant I should immediately kill whoever was doing it.
Nor any mention that I was informing the CE about this (no longer being considered human) in engi chat and warning engineers to remove themselves from the area when venting.

  • it’s been so long now that I can’t remember the law wording or what I said exactly.Perhaps you still have access to the log.

I see the ban hasn’t been reworded yet.

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