JOYKILLZ player feedback thread

Heya Bee station.


So turns out Player feedback threads are popular cool stuff so of course if I am to become one of the most valued Bee station players then obviously I need to post one of my own.

Jokes aside, it is I, plain winged moth man, Miner, Bartender, Janitor and Seccie.
Here’s some photos for reference.
Screenshot 2021-11-10 003301
Screenshot 2022-05-21 001500
Screenshot 2021-11-11 173732
FIrstly known as “Kerlin Lunit”, Then following a long line of bureaucratic complications in NT Kerlin Lunae Lumen and now difinitively recognizable as Kalavi Lumen

To those of you who’ve encountered me, I’m inclined to ask, is the gaem as fun for you, as it is for me, when we all mess around togeather?

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literrrlly hoo<?

hold on let me use a picture you’re more likely to recognize.

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I think I met you? all moths look the same tbh

There is a rick and morty clip that is applicable to this but I’m going to leave you guessing as to what it might be.