Joykillz' Medbay shake up thread

This thread is inspired by my writings in this thread here.

So folks, it is once again that time of season when people are calling for the downfall of the great “autism forts”.

unfortunately I don’t hear alot of inspired talk there.

Fortunately @Ambiic had a pretty neat idea and I’m going to mash it up with one that I posted there too. I talk alot about N.T. H.R., So I guess it’s time to prove I can come up with abit of reorganization.

Though there is more to it than that.


As mentioned prior

A great option to get Virologists and Geneticists out of their boring little holes is make it instead one big interesting hole Give the Bio-tech specialist the same access and responsibilities as both the Virologists and Geneticists. This way when things are quiet, they have the time to poke mokes in ways nature and god utterly disapprove of, but when shit starts hitting the fan, they have a toolset that enables them to quash both death and disease.

Which given how hard it seems to pry these particular eggheads out of their laboratories due to the total compartmentalization of them, this may help.

The new ORG CHART.

a merger of roles is great and all, but there is another, a far more infamous keep
That god damn Chemist, who does nothing but sit in the chem lab doing nothing but making thermite and meth synthflesh and cryoxadone in plain view of everyone.

to take a page out of those with time in SEC, a certain someone with an important job and special gaemr l00t also has a higher standing than their peers. yes, make the chemist middle management and effectively medbay’s warden

Medical doctors remain the ever applicable grunts of Medbay, like the officer is to security, while the Bio-tech specialist is similar to the detective, useful in more esoteric ways

as a total after thought, yeah, Psychologists remain pretty much in the equivalent place as lawyers.

New mechanical aspects

Here’s where coder bros start groaning, because now things are getting complicated, there are some more things in game that will need adjusting.

Additional tasks for Bio-tech specialists, these are mostly just house keeping things in medbay that are intended to get folks chewed out for negligence in their work and thusly keep them on their toes.
Additonal tasks include :

  • ensure genetic/biological stability after cloning, by any means they deem fit.
  • keep sanitary the cloning equipment (a tube that is meant to cultivate whole bodied persons has alot of human disease exposure, who’d known?)
  • manufacturing DNA mutation injectors (it won’t be so simple any more).

Bigger, more generally applicable changes:

  • DNA mutation-injectors would now use short lived Viruses to apply changes, thusly to field the injectors they must cultivate the viruses with their mutation. Basic round start Viruses only allow for 1 or 2 injections balanced on their power of affect. Good viruses can safely and stably deliver upto 4.

SUB SECTION - Bottle necks The key to balanced Mass production, Yes I approve of a pluming system that is less maintainance intensive for the chemist, letting the chemist go Big pharma and make MOAR chems than just what their Chem dispenser limits them to. BUT there need to be some bottle necks between him, his supreme tricordazine production and the general station public. These should work nicely for that, here’s their bullet list.

  • Centrifuge - various powerful meds no longer mix all by themselves and must be placed in the funny spin machine to be properly molecularly assembled. May also need prior heating too.

  • the death of the Pill press - This is the main means of mass deploying meds by those damn lazy chemists, axe it now packaging must be done at the Chem master. You can have your more impressive chemistry machines, but the deployment of their work is not an automatable factor anymore

Now if the chemist becoming middle management happens, Guess what? now he has underlings to help run his chemistry empire, some medical doctors are smart enough to run some plumbing if he or the CMO authorizes it, keep the compressed matter cartridges stocked in their machines ensure that the output is being delivered his desk or better yet directly to patients.


combine the two powergamer medical roles together

why do you think this is a good idea?


The solution is to make genetics scientists

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Geneticists: time to sit in my lab and make mutations that are good for the crew

Virologists: time to sit down in my lab and make beneficial viruses for the crew.

Similarly, Scientists in sci: time to pick one of the 3 labs and make available items and technology useful for the crew.

Why is the geneticist and virologist each confined to one lab when the other role of similar interaction with complex development systems is just set loose in their departmental playground?

Additionally it simplifies management of the two solo game modes by the CMO

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Because virologist also spends 20-25 minutes from roundstart prowling maints to get virus samples, and can also get dormant samples from people.
Geneticist, on the other hand, should also pay close attention to cloning.

We both know they never handel cloning. The first MD who gets the body just handels it.
Though i suppose cloning is quite rare now from what i’ve seen.


Yeah cloning hardly requires effort the first person that’s on the scene usually handles it

People often go to the geneticist to get mutations, if merged with viro potential samples now come to them.

Now the viro isn’t as frequently maint where his job usually shouldn’t be.

Additionally everyone else is now has double reason to go to bio-techie since they could be the carrier of both a dormant space adapt and healing virus.

Now the CMO has a stream lined process for who to chew out for job negligence.

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… except the dormant viruses are far and few, you have to prowl through maints to get a sizeable amount of virus samples to work with.

You know, having enough experience in a job to actually know what you’re talking about usually helps.

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So for half the shift, virologists have to either be effectively useless to medbay for half the shift, or order a viro crate from cargo.

God help the viro the HoP shafts of maint access.

This isn’t an argument against bio-tech role, it’s an endorsement since Now the otherwise useless man in viro can instead assist in discovering genetics or maintain the cloning equipment.

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I believe they start with maint access already for the reason Wilson mentioned, to check up on dried blood, syringes, mouses, etc.

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So someone implemented a stop gap solution, huh.

Just move 90% of the viruses onto people! And lower the overall amount so the level 7 warnings are basically like ice cream trucks for virologists. Move all the spicy symptoms onto 'em too!

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You are all wrong

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Plumbing isnt really used at all to produce chems anymore, the chem mixer is a massive QoL for chemists and still requires chemists to produce the chemicals and input them and remove the monotony of having to switch through 5-6 seperate beakers to precisely create mixes for advanced healing meds. With the nerfs to basic meds (Bicarb, kelo, tricord) even making mass amounts of these using synthisisers isnt gamebreaking when they are basically useless against anyone above 60 brute and medbots exist and are more efficient.

Having some symptoms locked behind dormant viruses on crew would be a neat change. Rather than dumpster diving maints for vomit stains, viros would have to be more involved with the crew members to extract the symptoms they want.


Them being only available through dormant viruses means… you’re rather likely to not get them at all.

virology ain’t too bad, it just needs to have an incentive for viros not to hide in their office and do jack shit for 1H30min


i love people making themselves unkillable through viro, certainly a good mechanic that needs no changing

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It’s an intentional design choice. How much viro have you played, if any?

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