Joy Stardust Player Report


   Your Discord:Bass#7050

   Offender’s CKEY:Joy Stardust

   LRP or MRP server:LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Lesly Hoover

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):11/18/2019

   Round Number:9125

   Rules Broken:2,3,7

   Incident Description: So I'm chilling in arrivals pod on a ling round. I welded it closed, shuttles 1 minute from departing. All the sudden, I hear a unwelding sound. Look over, lesly hoovers there. I let her in, and she fucking shoots me with a flamethrower. I walk out of the pod, she chases me and fucks arrivals ALL up. She was NOT A LING.

   Additional Information: TLDR flamethrowered me for existing, was not a ling.
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