JoshsBrother Banned by Archanial

CKEY: JoshsBrother

Admin’s CKEY: Archanial

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: This is for both servers

Ban type: Global Ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date: 02/11/2020

Round ID: 23349

Low hour account, spread virus, didn’t respond to bwoinks.

I’m super sorry that I caused trouble I didn’t mean to in any way. I’m rather new to Beestation and should’ve been smarter. A few people were coming in and out of virology and touching things like the monkeys and such, I had already experimented on a few monkeys and was trying to develop the best virus I could and the most deadly. I was already warned for giving someone the wrong type of virus and I realized I should have talked to the CMO and see if he could validate my virus and give it to chem for distribution. I later infected a monkey but he died before I could cure him. I brought him to med to see if they could heal him and they did but someone turned him into a human and he went around spreading the virus. I tried to vaccine people but all that happened was me getting beat and killed. Power was out in virology and no one fixed it so I couldn’t do much. I realized I shouldn’t have gotten off my computer so fast but it was late and I was going to work out. I accept a week long ban or whatever I just think a permaban for my incompetence is a bit much for my first time offense. I’m super sorry and realize what I have done wrong and what not to do in the future.

I was the CMO that shift, the chemist just tells me you’ve infected them with something harmful and he was indeed showing symptoms but medhud wasn’t showing an infection so i knew it had self-adaptation which 90% of the time is used for harmful viruses, chemist tells me you offered him a “good” virus which he accepted and it was not good at all.
The virus you gave him had Self-Adaptation, Alopecia, Confusion, Facial Hypertrichosis and some other symptom that i don’t remember so it was pretty obvious you knew what you were doing since the other symptoms let confusion reach its thresholds. I looked around viro for a bit while i was in there and didn’t see a single good virus culture bottle anywhere so i have doubts about you giving the chemist the wrong virus, i got the chemist to make a cure for that virus and let you off with a warning and told you i will demote you if that kind of stuff happens again… which it did, another chemist was infected with a disease, this time it didnt have self adaptation and it had vomiting instead of confusion oh and the virus you gave to the other chemist didn’t have stuff like coughing or sneezing, this one did.
Thankfully nobody else got infected by it and i made sure the chemist won’t infect others, the cure to this virus was Krokodil so that was annoying to make but atleast it wasn’t exactly lethal, just annoying. Later on after you gave that chemist the second virus i dragged you over to HoS and from what i know he put you in perma.
Well that’s my side of this story, i’m very sure this guy isn’t completely new to viro so what happened is either some extreme incompetency at keeping viruses isolated or it was intentional. I do belive a perma ban is too much since the virus wasnt even really lethal, i saw a guy accidentally release a blob spore virus that reached all its thresholds and iirc he didn’t get a permaban.


Again i’m sorry for the trouble, you were a good and smart CMO and what you did to me was in the right. The second chemist wasn’t injected by me or anything, he received the virus via transmition by the monkey the medical team let loose. This isn’t my first time doing virology, meaning I run my ship a bit differently than a normal viro. I take all my bottles in my bag and leave no waste or unnecessary bottles behind. I had a few needles in my bag with viruses in them and what I planned on doing was testing the good virus then giving it to you for chem to distribute later on. But as we all know he got a bad virus. I had a very long day that day and must have gotten the needles mixed up, but I couldn’t go check which one was the right one since I had no power. My good virus bottle was empty and it was in one of the needles in my bag and I had no way of checking which one it is (at least that I could think of). I’m not trying to take the blame off of me and say i’m innocent, i’m saying my ban doesn’t deserve to be permanent. There were a few misunderstandings but that happens sometimes. Again stupid mistakes on my part, should have been more organised, shouldn’t have brought bad viruses with me, and certainly shouldn’t have left random paramedics into virology.

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tbh this just sounds like self antag gone wrong. you dont sound innocent at all.

I’m not saying i’m innocent, I deserve a ban. Just not permanent for my first “offence” on the server. At the time I just thought man what a shitty shift and went to bed but didn’t think any admins would message me.

first offense showing a lot of knowledgement for the ammount of hours,and also ignored the bwoinks.

it isnt gonna be perma you where perm for ignoring bwoinks my dude.
edit:no need to writte an essay im not an admin, reserve it to them.

I didn’t mean to ignore them it wasn’t my intention at all, I’ve played a few hours on some other servers but I’ve been giving bee station a go lately. I was super tired and just finished exam week and that isn’t an excuse for it but it was late and I wanted to go to bed. I’m super sorry for missing the admin messages. If it helps I thought if I ever did something wrong which I did the admins would message me right away. It was dumb to miss the admin message but all i’m asking for is another chance and give me a week long ban or something.

Thank you for appealing, ban was permanent to force you to appeal and explain what happened.
Reading this it’s hard for me to believe you are a new player but I am willing to give you benefit of the doubt.
Perma will be changed to week viro ban.
This is accepted.

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