Josefnape banned by Rukofamicom

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom/bloons3

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: Job/game

Ban Length: (forever job ban/30 day play ban)

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-12-16 04:36

Round ID: 25079

Ban Reason: Died in a fire and then used ghost knowledge to out the round’s antagonists and help kill them as an asimov borg. Player has a history of shitty conduct in general, but this is their first proven offense at using metaknowledge.

Banned from Roles: AI, Cyborg, pAI, Deathsquad, Drone, Lavaland, Mind Transfer Potion, Posibrain, Sentience Potion Spawn, Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, Space Ninja, Operative, Revenant, Teratoma, Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer, Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Brig Physician, Deputy

Appeal Reason: ive kinda ben a shitter. and i dont really expect my ban to be apealed. i dont even really know the fucknig rules. my friend wants to play with him and wants me to apeal. if my apeal is excepted il read rules. (also i dont understand why full ban from all of that when problems only acoure when im a captain)



You will be able to play with him in 30 days.

Also you literally wrote you don’t know the rules and you don’t intent on reading them unless you get unbanned.

Edit: second opinion for Ruko, keep the ban, the appeal is extremely low effort.

its not that i wouldnt read the if i ddnt get apealed. it was more of. id read the rules first so i can go ahead and play

Read the rules and and add proof that you did.

You cannot say you do not expect the ban to be appealed, while calling it the last appeal, saying you don’t know the rules, while saying you won’t read the rules. Lol

This is the worst offer I’ve ever read. The fact you refuse to read them after all this time and now are only willing to if the appeal is accepted is next-level.

Could you tell me what this friend’s CKEY is? You are already on the “suspected of metacoms” list, but the other half of this is a model player that we’ve had almost no issues with - might do good to get the perspective of the friend that’s teaching you.

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if i add proof will my apeal of a full unban be considerd?

what does metacoms mean

also he not really teaching me. he told me to check out space station 13 ive kinda just ben figuring it out on my own. and when i say il read the rules if my apea is accept wasnt really the right way for me to put it. it was more of a im gonna read it right away instead of waiting a month when im unbanned. genuinly want to play and learn how to play properly

Metacomms is communicating with other people that are in the round via OOC means, like the two of you being in a discord call as you both play the same round

oh my friend refuses to talk about the game with me while where in a call

But what is their CKEY?

its seth auxier. they didnt do anything wrong they only invited me to play and wants me to play with them

Not the CKEY, but good enough to find the CKEY via logs, and you don’t have to worry about them getting in trouble as long as metacoms don’t happen when your ban expires.

I still think the ban length is good overall, but it’s a show of good faith to be honest about something like this even when you’re on the grill. You still need to read the rules before the ban is lifted. You like playing on MRP, so can you find Rule 14 and then paste it over here?

Non-antagonists are required to perform their assigned job in good faith. Breaks are fine, but ignoring your department and obligations is not. This goes especially true for Silicons, Heads of Staff, and Security.

As people are expected to do their job, you are also expected to let people do theirs. If someone is manning a department, you must make a reasonable effort to solicit them for the service you require of them. If they are absent or unwilling to provide a necessary service or item, you are permitted to attempt to do it yourself, at the risk of IC consequences.

Being an assistant is not a free pass to ignore any part of this rule. Assistants are expected to help around the station, not immediately rush all the supplies that aren’t nailed down or behind locked doors - Ask for whatever supplies you need from the department(s) you’re helping.

the reason i want to be unbanned is this server is actually fun and i wanna try to play without breaking the rules. i hope my ban is reducded or taken away entirely and hope i get a final chance

I’ll be willing to lift the full server ban on the first of the new year under a few conditions:

  1. You agree you’ve read all of the server rules appropriate to the server you’re playing on.

  2. Updated rules are going to replace those fairly soon, try to keep an eye open on announcements and be sure to look at the updated rules when they come out

  3. You understand you will be on thin ice, and that breaching the server rules in any major way is likely to result in a permanent ban that will require a vouch to appeal.

  4. Another admin has to agree I’m not crazy for considering a reduction. I think it’s worth responding to the good faith motion + the amount of effort that’s gone into the appeal as it progressed (even if it started off all wrong)

I would recommend convincing your friend to play with you on Golden rather than Sage because the rules are much more lax there - you still can’t self-antag, but you don’t have a lot of stuffy RP rules getting in the way of what you seem to like doing.

ok il start reading know! i understand i am on thin ice. will it be a full unban lift from roles and from server? so i can still be antag and hop and stuff. (also i think i should keep a temp captain ban becaues alot of my problems happen when im captain because i fuck up)

“This means you should not leave the station on space adventures or explore lavaland.” oops ive done this one before

One of the rolebans isn’t mine to lift, but I would recommend keeping both for now. It’s better if someone on thin ice isn’t in a command role because they’re responsible for doing a lot less anyway.

You’d have to appeal again after a month or so of good behavior

alright that make sense