Josef_nape banned by hollandaise

Title: josef_nape banned by hollandaise

CKEY: josef_nape

Admin’s CKEY:hollandaise

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: perm

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-01-16 08:34

Round ID: 26124
Ban Reason: Took two lavaland syndicate spawns just to run into lava, then took a third and activated the self destruct, subsequently getting into a gunfight with the only lavaland syndi who wasn’t him (who was there through all of this) Perma because their history is one of the most dense and negative I have ever seen, with no signs of slowing down. (also because it was suggested)

Appeal Reason: didnt have bad intentions. was just trying to get across the lava to mine ore to build stuff. (did it a second time because i brought the gear of the firelocker and a fire exuinguisher)

Additional Information: i have ben banned for a while and can realy find a server like this one. my second apeal. if you decide to not unban me its fine. i didnt have bad intentions and was just trying to expand the syndie base by trying to build things for it from mining

So if you had good intentions then why did you try to blow up the station?

jsut to fuck around. i knew he would turn it off. but after we got in a gun fight because he hit me. he turned it on and hung himself

If you don’t have a vouch, this is just going to be denied again. You’ve had enough chances to try saying “sorry, I’ll do better”

im not saying its a il do better. im saying it was a mistake. i didnt have bad intention i was just trying to mine

News just in from TG - you are apparently banned for a year there and have had similar incidents of self-antag with them as well.

Do you have anything to say for yourself about this?

banned for a year because im 17. there strict 18+ i have not had any self antag in a long time accept when i first played . my ban said i looked like i was a person looking to follow rules but the server is strict 18+

i can send you the ban message if you would like it

You… were banned for self-antag two weeks ago on TG. That’s more recent than your ban here. Two weeks is not a long time.

im really trying to follow the rules and i have ben. before i do anything that MIGHT be consider self antag ive ben asking the admins first. do you want the ban message?

I have the ban messages, TG has reached out to us about them.
Also have just gotten word that Hollandaise cannot log into the forums at this time, so I’m just going to lock this for him.

The previous appeal is upheld - you require a vouch if you want to play on Bee again. Lying about your history on another server does nothing to help your case.