Johnbrazil34 banned by yorpan

CKEY: johnbrazil34

Admin’s CKEY: yorpan

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? mrp

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 28-07-2020

Round ID: 19112

Ban Reason: Repeated shitsec behaviour, resorting to simply killing people for valids. Appeal this on the forums once you understand the MRP rules. Auth: Ruko

Appeal Reason: [moderator - removed link to external media]

Additional information:

Why would I entrust a guy who buys a holoparasite - one of the greatest threats a traitor can posses - just because he says he’s friendly.

The nanomachine injector can be purchased by traitors.


You can get a holopara as non-antag and mrp is cringe so you can’t shoot them on the spot. It would’ve been better to just play lrp where you could actually do a pro gamer move like that.

What’s up my dude, I genuinely didn’t expect you to appeal given your record so far - I recommended the ban be permanent since this is your fourth ban in three hours played and you additionally have two more notes that weren’t bans. You tell me what about this makes it seem like you’re anything but an intentional shitter who is never going to read the rules until forced to?

I asked Yorii to see if you even knew where the rules were at this point and you told them

Reply PM from JohnBrazil34/(Smokes-The-Leaf)
I can’t help you, Im not a mentor nor an admin to talk about rules.

Being a traitor is a capital crime, enemy of the corporation.

So yes, he did commit a capital crime.
The HoS should be job banned for allowing a traitor to run amok, failing to enforce space law and to keep the crew safe.


The bans Ruko previously pointed out. It paints a rather clear picture.

Player found holopara item, reported it to security and asked permission to use it which the HoS granted. Detective then killed the man for being a valid on a server that doesn’t observe hard validity for most interactions.

It would be really nice if the headadmin actually looked at my ban appeal reason instead of jumping to conclusions.

I asked Yorii to see if you even knew where the rules were at this point and you told them

That’s taken out of context. He told me to find something that does not exist in the rules therefore I replied with “I just follow those [rules] that are written”.

I quoted exactly what you told them, I was part of the ticket process.

The video posted made it seem like the guy was a traitor, and so did the way yori acted.
Was the person in question an antag or not?

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Question, do the logs show if John knew the victim was given blessing by HoS? Was he a witness to this exchange or informed by the HoS at any time?


It doesn’t matter if he knew or not - the Detective isn’t supposed execute on sight; detective isn’t even supposed to arrest folks and it says this at the start of the round as a detective.

You are not a security officer. Your gun is for self defense only

There won’t be action taken until full logs are pulled either way, but the part where the man declared himself a traitor was left out if that’s true. It also means the Head of Security will likely have something to answer for and Yorii potentially as well.

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If the detective is not allowed to act as security when a traitor is running around doing as he pleases, then in MRP he should be moved to service, as he’s being treated like a private detective rather than a police detective. This will help clear up confusion.


I’m not arguing that it somehow makes it right hun. However it sure matters with intent because if he knew this permission was given then it makes it completely inexcusable. If he didn’t know then maybe John although still wrong could have acted out of ignorance rather than malice. I think both possible paths are important to find out.

Your motivation for killing him was literally that he said “hi I’m a traitor look at my holopara”. (which he didn’t even say btw)

You didn’t investigate the matter further but just gunned him down. This is not part of your job description and it’s not allowed in the MRP rules.

The proper thing you should have done would be to arrest him, bring him to the warden, and let the warden/HoS/Captain decide on his punishment, he was not doing anything to threaten you that would contitute the use of self-defense. If you had simply investigated an iota he would have told you that the HoS permitted him the use of a holopara for healing.

The reason why you got a permaban and was told to appeal on the forums was due to your extensive note history, otherwise it would have simply sufficed with a short security job ban and ask you to read over the rules again.

What I saw from the ahelp logs, is that the person is clearly an antag.
Friendly antags being allowed is a new admin ruling, this has never been heard before.

The detective is allowed to help when things take a turn for the south.
The HoS being dumb and allowing a traitor to run free is called things going south.

Telling him to read the rules doesn’t help, as anybody would have shot the holoparasite guy as detective, as it’s common sense.


This is a bad ban dude, where in the MRP rules does it say, that your not allowed to kill a confirmed traitor. Also, how is he supposed to non-lethally detain a traitor with a holopara?

You could not possibly have known he had a traitor holopara or a lavaland holopara
Line 3629: [2020-07-28 00:58:08.349] SAY: JohnBrazil34/(Smokes-The-Leaf) "is this yours" (Fore Primary Hallway (152, 156, 2))
Line 3631: [2020-07-28 00:58:10.964] SAY: Dutchylwd/(Randy Laver) "yes" (Fore Primary Hallway (152, 153, 2))
Line 3637: [2020-07-28 00:58:13.513] SAY: Dutchylwd/(Randy Laver) "made a deal with HoS" (Fore Primary Hallway (152, 153, 2))
Line 3643: [2020-07-28 00:58:15.207] SAY: Dutchylwd/(Randy Laver) "BRUH" (Fore Primary Hallway (155, 153, 2))
Line 3654: [2020-07-28 00:58:20.984] SAY: RuneQuester/(Friendly Healer) "DET" (Fore Primary Hallway (157, 151, 2))
Line 3656: [2020-07-28 00:58:21.600] SAY: RuneQuester/(Friendly Healer) "STOP" (Fore Primary Hallway (157, 151, 2))
Line 3660: [2020-07-28 00:58:22.626] EMOTE: Dutchylwd/(Randy Laver) seizes up and falls limp, his eyes dead and lifeless.... (Fore Primary Hallway (158, 154, 2))
Line 3661: [2020-07-28 00:58:22.630] GAME: Dutchylwd/(Randy Laver) has died (BRUTE: 200, BURN: 0, TOX: 0, OXY: 0, CLONE: 0) (Fore Primary Hallway (158, 154, 2))

He never admitted to being a traitor to you, only to the HoS in his private office.


Dude they look completely different what do you mean

left is traitor, right is wizard/miner he clearly has the traitor’s version


I don’t know much about lavaland therefore I might be wrong, but I am pretty damn certain you won’t get a traitor item from there in twenty minutes station time, which is when I stumbled across him.

That’s because it isn’t a ruling at all. The situation was presented to me inaccurately, or at least with incomplete information.

I partially disagree: if the HoS knew this person was a traitor, then letting him go with his equipment is mutiny-worthy and job-ban worthy both, at least in most circumstances.

However I wouldn’t say things are going south when the detective executes someone that’s non-hostile. Puts a different light on things when they run up to the detective and go “hey I’m an antag and here’s proof” if that’s what happened.

This was a result of the reason given being “because he was valid” and looking at his note history with only three hours of play. He was asked about the rules and gave a snarky-ass comment about how it isn’t his job to know the rules.

Edit: and that’s not what he did. You questioned him and executed him on the spot.

HoS is still in some hot water at the least. Busy at work now, gonna pull the logs myself when I’m home