John Smith player feedback (literally who?)

Yes its me, the man, the myth, and the legend.

Local past shitmin, former top ten in grey shirts/shits during the golden times of Golden
Or better known as worst captain on MRP, and the local idiot that doesn’t want to be bothered by other idiots

Finally feels like getting the general vibe of everyone.

All i remember was you becoming an admin then leaving then applying again and then leaving, like who ? and why do you come back after months just to disappear again ? You’ve disappeared more times than Bill Cosby after killing his wife.

Usually people put their IC name as the thread title, nerd.

John Smith is very based and a great friend of mine for a long time, knows his shit as mentor and is a robust individual. Had many good times back on LRP as both powergaming validhunters cucking all the antags as well as murderboning whilst both antag as well.

One round we both rolled ling ended up resulting in death squad being called and screenshots of us finally being cremated got posted to Reddit which still amuses me. Good to see you as Captain lately, there are very few who know how to do this effectively.

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Famous words “Nya bro”


bro pls… bro… we used to be engi mains together bro…

This is so sad, I’m gonna cry

Plus I take a thing called a break makes me disappear for variable amounts of time, it strikes at random bro so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

damm bro i din’t mean to be a cunt sorry :crying_cat_face:

Self bump moment

am I really not known…

I’m so sad bros…

John… of course I know ya.

there are like 20 john smiths

Smith gang rise up! I still haven’t forgotten the time I tried to syringe gun you when you had carp. Lel.