JoeMillan fucked over by the university . thx obama


Admin’s CKEY:Ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:both

Ban Type:Golden and Sage , IP BAN

Ban Length:Infinite

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY) 08-10-2019

Round ID:7754

Ban Reason:maxcaped

Appeal Reason:I just moved in into a new university campus, and when i logged in i got the notification that i have been banned but its not my account. The name of the ban is NotFunnydidnotlaught1

Additional Information: [Xlyana please stop with the catslimes thx

based? and redpilled


This is why we cannot have nice things garry , like plasmacatgirls/

More like robbbed and cucked by the last owner of the house .
i hope he comits SUDOKU

why cant i comit sudoku in game its real shame i would love to have minigame to play while dead

I got banned like that too. The name of user was youngkiller2, i couldn’t play the game for 2 days but sometimes VPN worked.(i don’t think that is considered banevade. After all its not you who got banned)
After 2 days the ban disappeared by itself.

So uhhh

@Why_are_we_here 1- your ckey is JoeMiLan, not JoeMiLLan

2- Another admin seems to have unbanned you supposedly? Or is it still present? I’ll look into it but just askin’.

Rn I am good bro thx for your help

anytime dawg, though ya gotta thank @PowerfulBacon since he unbeaned ya.