Job refactor TM PR thread

Please leave any opinion/report here for the job refactor.
This does not make impacting changes to player side, but It can possibly cause weird behaviour in-game.


  • Gimmick jobs are now pref selectable
  • Gimmick jobs in code are now basically a subtype of a job:
    VIP/Barber is a subtype of Assistant
    Psychiatrist is a subtype of Medical doctor
    Stage Magician is a subtype of Clown
  • HoP can open/close gimmick jobs (Except for VIP)
  • Antag pref page added
  • Better Playtime check
  • and some admin management change

Known issue:

  • currently nothing… almost?
  • Bacon blamed awful UX in antag pref page. It’s not easy to do something more at the page for this point, so It will be changed again later

Fixed issues:

  • Posibrain being inserted to Cyborg made them unplayable - fixed.
  • Fingergun thought everyone is mime.
  • VIP/Barber was unlimitedly selectable once it was opened - because the game thought they’re assistant.
  • It was possible to get additional antag even if you had one already (i.e. Heretic traitor, Traitor+Incursionist - which means they should kill themselves.)
  • You no longer be chosen to be an antag once you are not eligible to join a game due to your desired job is ran out of its slot
  • Nukies no longer get station crew status.
    Exactly, people who rolled nukies became crews first then became nukies - which made them nukie crews.

  • Fixed a possible case that ghost roles can be an antag (i.e. traitor golem, traitor ashwalker)
  • Stage magicians don’t use clown name anymore

I think free golems getting mid round tot injected is a result of this as well?

For those who had been sent to the game, only to have been returned to the lobby with an objective. For those who had been given uplinks, or had them robbed. For those who had been killed by the uncaring invisible bullets of a fingergun, I ask you. Was it worth it?

Ah, I think It’s possible. I will check the logic.

Someone had to do that :sunglasses:


May the benefits of your PR ever outweigh the bugs.

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Funniest part of the finger gun thing is that in the first round it showed up, the first person to do it was an actual mime that shot me and got sec called, and then the whole rest of that round was just people getting finger gunned by each other

Someone had to- *cough cough*

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Damn, same thing happened to me when that bug appeared awhile ago. It was my first time playing mime and I got arrested for a minor offence and was sitting in a cell, decided it would be funny to finger gun at the nearby warden. Then to both our surprise the window on the cell cracked then I had a fun time explaining in LOOC that I was equally confused about it. I then had fun shooting random things in front of people to confuse them.

From now on it shouldn’t happen.

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