Job ban appeal of Captain_Wiesel

CKEY: Captain_Wiesel

Admin’s CKEY: powerfulbacon

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: ALL

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

Ban Type: Job: Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Brig Physician, Deputy

Ban Length: 1 Week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07.06.2020

Round ID: 16910

Ban Reason: Put almost every prisoner that came into security into the gulag, even with a few minutes left before the shuttle arrived. Notes about shitsec.

Appeal Reason: So because i dont make my self note logs why people got gulaged or stuff i can only tell in my crapy memory.
First for the claim of the multble notes of being “shitsec”. If you try to do your job as sec… most of them getting just mad and call you out for being one … I try my best to make it fair for “criminals” as i can in the giving time.
Now for the stated round “16910”:
To recap all the things that lead to the gulags:
We got at the round start just one half activ Brig Medic and one single Officer. So we got allready a understaffed round start.
We got Lings and traitors.
We got a good amount of them allready until mid round.
Then people just startet to do just greytide station wide. Or just resist normal arrest.
2nd our Warden lost nearly all armory guns in the time as well. What added a Check out for myself as well.
Most of the gulags ended up because of a combination of Major Crime Major Trespass Being in a restricted area without prior authorisation. This includes any Security Area, Command area (including EVA), the Engine Room, Atmos, or Toxins Research." what is a Mayor Crime.
Minor Crime Resisting Arrest To not cooperate with an officer who attempts a proper arrest."
Minor Crime Trespass To be in an area which a person does not have access to. This counts for general areas of the ship, and trespass in restricted areas is a more serious crime.
Major Crime Possession of a Restricted Weapon To be in possession of a restricted weapon without prior authorisation, such as: Guns, Batons, Flashes, Grenades, etc.
Cuz the Captain nearly never respond or was dead at the point i needed to decide what we gonna do.
I didnt wanted to have the criminals running around and fuck around.
Cuz of the extrem flow of incoming reports, incoming criminals and a small number of Sec Officers around the end, i chose the harmless method and used the gulag.

Beside i didnt notice the shuttle call until the message of “Shuttle arrived”.

Additional Information: The Warden of this round could be give additional Infomation about the round aswell.

flashes are not restricted weapons

The main problem here was that the shuttle had a few minutes left until arriving, rather than them not meant to be thrown into gulag as well as the list of notes already.
However, I don’t really think this was worthy of a 1-week security ban alone, so I’ll go ahead and remove the ban, but keep the note.