[Jimmyyeet] banned by [whereamo]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Throwing dangerous plants around on the shuttle for no reason before round-end, actively interfering with an arrest and all that. DC’d before able to bwoink, please come to the forums to explain this!
Appeal Reason:
The one getting chased was the botanist, wich fournished me a lot of plant for me to cook (i was chef) and i even asked him about the accusation on his head. He said it was false accusation, and i (IC) decided to believe it. So then security came to arrest him, i helped him with a volley of plants as to prevent the arrest, knowing that i could be arrested myself. I don’t remember if one exploded before round end, but if so, it was a mishap on my part. If i indered the fun of any player with thoose actions, i’m sorry.
Additional Information:
For the Bwoink part, it was late, really late, and i haden’t eaten dinner yet, so i quit earlier. Thinking back, i should have anticipated the Bwoink

Not being there for the bwoink is fully fine, real life happens and it’s not like you should have to stay around if you don’t want to, this is just a perma specifically so I can get your side on the forums, so thanks for coming to make an appeal!

So! You were throwing around tomatoes that would release bluespace smoke on a crowded emergency shuttle, I’m unsure from the logs if anyone actually was killed by that, but regardless, dangerous, along with interfering with Security, while an active Zombie Threat was present, and a criminal had been bombing the station (which was the Botanist).

Choosing to help them in another instance might have been fine if it was played out correctly, but it was not here, you went too far in a situation that could’ve (potentially did) space a bunch of people via bluespace teleportation on the shuttle, and the situation was one with a Very Overworked security team with an on-going zombie outbreak. You just shouldn’t be acting this way in an on-going crisis, putting everyone else at risk on the shuttle by slipping Security and potentially teleporting them as well.

I’ll reduce the ban-length when I can get on later tonight, but please avoid this in the future!

I’ll sure won’t be acting so restless in the future!

Anyway, thanks in advance for the unban and i hope to play more amasing round of this game soon.

And unbanned, should be good to connect now! And again, please avoid this in the future.