Jimmy Yamazaki Revolutionary player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Penwin

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Dunno

Offender’s In-Game Name: Jimmy Yamazaki

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-15-2022

Round Number: 37430

Rules Broken: 7. Be Excellent to Each Other 9. Do Not Self-Antag

Incident Description: Jimmy, upon being converted to a revolutionary rushed to the brig and started shoving me, screamed about taking down the Heads which made it pretty obvious, this basically threw the rounds for the Revolutionaries.

Later Jimmy after being mindshielded saw a Virologist plasmaflood me, the HoS and threw a lighter into the plasma, lighting a fire.

Additional Information:

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So is this report for Jimmy Yamazki of Falkner?

2 very different names seen in Title vs Report

My brain appears to have short circuited for a moment, thanks for pointing it out


Player CKEY is CFWMagic. That was me. Guilty as charged on both counts. Here’s my description of both incidents:

  1. Revolutionary: I wasn’t given ANY orders or ANY guidance at all. Head Rev converted and ran away. Without orders, I attacked the most present threat: Security. As security is always considered a danger to all antags, they’re always the first target.

Perhaps I should not have screamed about heads, all things considered, but at the time it sounded like a good RP idea, a revolutionary ready to throw themselves at any danger for the cause: the downing of heads. The end goal was to, if possible, cause as much chaos and distraction as possible within Security.

  1. Plasma incident: I threw a lit lighter into a spreading plasma cloud in med. If asked about why, I actually did say why: To prevent it from spreading further. Burning plasma is the easiest way to get rid of it and firelocks will contain the temperature, while regular plasma doesn’t trigger those firelocks and spreads in a much wider area. I’ve double checked to make sure there is nobody in the plasma cloud before igniting it. In fact, during that same round, I was asked on the radio why I did ignite the plasma, and I answered pretty much the same thing: So it can’t spread further. Don’t remember who asked it, but it should still be in the logs.

(EDIT: I was highly distracted as the round was chaotic, but the conversation went like “why’d you ignite it?” - “Isn’t it better this way?”. The plasma was spreading from the bottom of med, and if it wasn’t firelocked, it would’ve came into the treatment center.)

That is all. Awaiting verdict.


All I really wanted was an explanation, now that I see it’s not malicious intent in fine with just closing this

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Ah. Well, I’m not experienced with antag play at all to be frank. In fact, I went ahead and asked Synthex to job-ban me from conversion antags after I’ve read this thread and realized I could’ve caused grief through sheer incompetence (That and I got curious about job-bans from conversion antags thanks to a recent round in which I performed very poorly). I could’ve spent more time learning the ins and outs of antags, but due to random rolls, it’s not as easy to practice as other jobs so I kind of keep putting it off … Result is when it happens I get confused.

When head-rev converted me and immediately ran away, my line of thinkin was “What do I do now? No orders and I have no idea what kind of sabotage is acceptable for a revolutionary. Do I build a flamethrower and martyr myself on security to open the way for revs, or is that overkill? Do I start building explosives? Who’s our first target? Are we in danger? I know I should probably take out sec, but what amount of force is appropriate?”

As for plasma … Exploration habits actually. After haplessly unloading an entire plasma tank because I forgot to shut off the valve, and plasma flooding the entire derelict, I quickly learned that burning the plasma is more expedient than trying to run or space it. Derelicts don’t have firelocks at all so leaving plasma to spread is nearly guaranteed to have a wide fire once I’m in a pickle. Curbing it ahead of time helps localize the damage. With firelocks and on station, I kind of assumed the same protocol as with pyroclastic: Immediately firelock everything and minimize the spread. Throwing a lighter in was the most expedient way I thought of on the spot.

Apologies if I did cause any grief.


Hah, wasn’t getting assignment pings. I’m really sorry about the delay.

Alright, I’ll wrap this up with some sage advice.

1: If you’re on a team don’t blow your teams cover until it’s blown on a major announcement, command volume headset, etc…
2: Plasma fire is worse than just plasma. Just plasma gives you an opportunity to set scrubbers without it lighting off and clogging the scrubber system for however long it takes to cycle the air. The best option is to pull the fire alarms on the walls to contain it and call the AI/engi/atmos to take care of it.
3: Just because you don’t know what to do as a conversion antag doesn’t mean that you can’t be helpful in non-combat ways. Assisting in conversions, evacuating casualties from battles, making food, bringing supplies, disabling security/command communications, and so on are excellent ways to help conversion antags. The best conversion play for medbay is to literally keep doing your normal job! For exploration, since you say you favor that, the best option may be to continue working on getting discovery research for the station at large to enable more technology unlocks. There are more ways to be useful to a revolution/cult than dive hard into combat.

Now, as for punishment, I don’t see the need for anything. This was a good learning experience and I’m willing to let it stand at that.

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