Jetpacks for exploration/mining/crew: Opinions needed

How we got here:

Not pictured: Bacon thinking it was removed because CE starts with a jetpack upgrade where in reality it was silently removed in my mining vendor update PR (back when miners stuck to lavaland) and never brought up after that.

Before any further action is taken I want to see what the people think about this. Here’s some polls for you to vote on, that can get used for later PRs. I appreciate any time you spend voting and am curious to see what your reasoning for your answers to the below prompts will be.

Should explorers have jetpack upgrades available in the vendor?
  • Yes
  • No

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Should miners have jetpack upgrades available in the vendor? (note for clarity, that they always had the jetpacks until I removed it long before we got the shuttle navigation update and asteroid mining)
  • Yes
  • No

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Should the crew have access to jetpack upgrades through some means, (likely a research disk found by the exploration crew, or ordered from cargo, etc)?
  • Yes (Please explain what you have in mind in a post if you vote this)
  • No

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The chief engineer starts with a jetpack upgrade for no real reason. His suit already has a jetpack.
  • Remove it.
  • Let him keep the upgrade (Please explain your reasoning in a post if you vote this, genuinely curious to know)

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Miners shouldn’t have useful items available infinitely and instanly in their vendors with the only cost being mining points.

Jetpack upgrades should be cargo orderable and maybe constructable after shuttle tech is researched.

Interestingly, the only jetpack the crew can ever make is the improvised jetback which isn’t even an upgrade, and which isn’t quite comparable to the real deal. Beyond this there’s the upgrades which are currently unobtainable, and the implants which now require research to be found.

Adding them to cargo sounds reasonable. Shuttle tech sounds like it fits right in. That said the votes are against us.

Maybe its time for mining vendors to get their own restocking things like other vendors have, then. Miners have an infinite supply of pens and other heals.

Infinite heals aren’t as big of an issue as you may think. Medbay sure loves its synthflesh factories…Meanwhile no matter how many pens and cores you get as a miner, you’re always limited to using one at a time or you overdose or risk legion disease.

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Miners don’t need jetpacks unless lavaland is removed entirely.
CE’s upgrade should be kept because it would be nice to upgrade the Atmos hardsuit to have jetpacking.
Explorers should have jetpack since they are in 0G 1/3rd of exploration time.

what if we put jetpacks on atmos hardsuits instead? considering they’re the ones it’s meant for.