Jessica Millhouse [Jetravess] player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Auce

Your Discord: Auce

Offender’s CKEY: Jetravess

Offender’s In-Game Name: Jessica Millhouse

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-01-12

Round Number: 47315

Rules Broken: Self antag

Incident Description: Jessica Millhouse broke into genpop with a mech (as a non-antag roboticist) and then freed the captive wizard with a portal, wizard proceeded to round end four or more people with the bugged staff of change making borgs that instantly die due to a bug.

Additional Information:


i was messing around a bit with the mounted wormhole generator on a riply and ended up in the brig.
i havent played much since the prison rework so i didnt realise that the wizard was in prison, i thought that he was just in another part of the security department, he also still had his staff of change on him for some reason which also made it seem like he wasnt in prison.
when the captain told me to leave i thought i was just in the brig and he was asking me to leave the brig, so i used the wormhole generator to leave not realiseing that i was in the prison, the wizard then used the wormhole i made to escape.
if i had realised that i had found my way into the prison i wouldnt have used the wormhole generator to leave.


@auce Do you remember what station this was?

From my logs, Jessica teleported to ‘brig control’ before moving manually to the prison, which is pretty clearly a prison by any observation, before proceeding to wormhole out when the captain told them to leave.

It reads as intentional malicious compliance, and is overboard for a nonantagonist,

hi jessica here again, the station was kilo if i remember right.
so i wormholed into brig control/wardens office, i saw the wizard in what to me looked like a hallway, he spoke to me so i teleported to him to i guess chat more, i still didnt realise that it was the new prison.
i dont remember exactly how the brig/prison looked when the round happend and from the wiki it seems that the map has been updated since.
im sorry i accidentily let the wizard out, it wont happen again.

You have a pretty long history of bad conduct as a roboticist, including but not limited to powergaming and self antag.

Can you explain why I should believe it wont happen again?

You teleported into the armoury once that round, you were taken out, you should have already known to stop using it as you had already committed a major crime by doing that. The fact that you continued to do it and then plead innocence by virtue of ignorance just doesn’t bode well for me.

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yeh your right i probably should have stopped messing around with it after getting myself into the armory.
i built it because i wanted to try messing around with the wormhole generator and teleporter a bit, test how they work.
i admit i do have a bad history as robo, i understand if you dont beleve me.
honestly tho i do think i should avoid playing robo for a while at least, i admit i do tend to get powergamey sometimes as it.

Don’t get me wrong, experimenting and having fun is core to this game. The reason it is an issue here is because you saw how it could go wrong (teleporting into the armoury) and continued to do it (teleporting into brig and walking into the prison).

It means a lot that you’re willing to admit to this, and as it stands I am currently looking at giving you some time off robotics, but I’ll be thinking about this and getting back to it by tomorrow.

Thanks for your time and replies thus far.


Based off your history, and the fact that some of your more recent bans for powergaming / self antag have been between 1-2 weeks, I settled on giving you two weeks off of science.

Thanks for understanding and owning up to what you did.

Report processed.