JerryTheWorldEater banned by bastian0930






Ban Date (2019-11-17):


Kept shooting teslas in the evac, probable griefer. Left before PM. Appeal on

i (AT the time) didnt know that teslas did damage i thought the stunned, i was the robotocist and had a gygax i think and it had a tesla gun, so at evac it was hectic as normal so i was firin those around and had to leave a bit before the round properly ended, i wouldve talked it out with the admin(sorry for leavin it was gettin late), but about the griefer part im not a griefer but i was under the impression since lrp and chaos was happinin i could fire teslas everywhere, now obviosly i see you cant do that. (if) i get unbanned i wont do anymore of that sort of shennanigins.

sorry about not adding the topics i didnt think about that. i assume you know the format by now anyway though.

I’d consider this served. Plus, it was only because you left before pm that it’s perma. Thank you for explaining.