Jee_bidon Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Jee_bidon

Your Discord: asdfg#6610

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since September 2021

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Not sure

Game Experience (More Detailed): I have maybe 600 or so hours in ss13 (not sure because the playtime is spread across different servers), playing since last september with a long break in winter, played on basically every popular tgcode server. Started playing on Beestation in late may. On Bee I play mostly assistant and scientist, but lately I’ve been playing service and entertainer jobs, also had a time when i was just observing all the time. On other servers (yog, tg terry mostly) I played chemist, bartender, assistant and botanist most of the time.

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Hmm hours are a little thin on roles but that doesnt always mean everything, question time:

  1. How do i revive this person? They keep catching on fire

  2. Howndo i unlock a xenobio extract? Every time i try to use the industrial extract it says its locked, I’ve put like 50 monkey cubes in it already!

  3. Honk!

  4. Whats the best way to kill everyone on the station?

Too many recent notes/bans for my liking, remember that mentors represent us to an extent and are considered to be a part of staff. -1

  1. If they keep catching on fire when you revive them they might have some flammable reagents in their blood and you need to filter those. Also if it’s a plasmaman they need an envirosuit or at least to be placed under a shower/on a stasis bed to not ignite.
  2. I’m not sure what you are referring to as “unlock”, industrial extracts just need to be injected with plasma to automatically start producing things. The crossbreed that needs to be fed monkey cubes is reproductive and it needs only 3 monkey cubes.
  4. Depends on the pop, on lowpop you can just kill everyone with an esword but that’s pretty boring. Plasmaflood can kill a lot of people. Viruses would be good if airborne spread was not removed and transmission wasn’t in useless symptoms. Tesla and singulo with a beacon is probably the best way to kill a lot of people on highpop. Romerol if not detected early can kill basically everyone because zombified people count as dead, but you need to team up with another traitor or unlock alien surgery for that. Also you can come up with something more creative like a death trap.
    Edit: i forgot that romerol is now 20tc, you don’t have to team up with another traitor anymore
  1. good answer

  2. this was an mhelp we recieved one day, we believe it was a mob limit or bug, but you are correct about the rest of it

  3. make a mention not to abuse the mhelp feature for jokes/harrassing but yeah I don’t see a problem with giving a silly response as well

  4. this one was tricky, you did answer the question well however generally just murdering everyone for no reason is pretty bad here. tell them to ahelp and make extra sure they have a murderbone objective that allows them to do this

I’m gonna give a +0 here as you did answer the questions well and I know you in game to be polite and respectful but it seems there is some stuff you could improve on and by the sounds have some recent ntoes/bans from what tyranic said

T: -1

I assumed the fourth question was purely about game mechanics and not about rules. If they asked about whether they could do it or not, i would of course direct them to ahelp

  1. How do I find an ashdrake on Lavaland?

  2. I have a guy in medical who keeps getting toxin damage, why?

  1. You can track its location in your GPS device, if i remember correctly it’s labeled as “Fiery Signal”. Just follow the direction of that arrow.
  2. Some chemicals deal toxin damage. Toxin-healing chemicals deal toxin damage to oozelings. If they are breathing plasma as a non-plasmaman and non-slime for some reason, then that also deals toxin damage. Drinking too much alcohol can deal toxin damage. Also I believe having a damaged liver (like when a decayed liver is inserted into you) deals toxin damage, check for liver damage. Radiation can cause toxin damage, make sure they are not irradiated. Also weaponized nanites can have a toxin damage-dealing program.
    Edit: Also blood-purging nanites deal damage to slimepeople, had this happen to myself when another scientist said the nanites were “slime-friendly” and at the same time putting that program in them, that kills rather quickly
  1. Yep, correct, maybe also include a link to the part of the wiki where it describes all the signals for miners as well, but yep.

  2. Yep yep yep, that was exactly what I wanted. There’s also the romerol tumor in the brain which deals toxin damage to the individual, but I’m unsure if a generic doctor should know that.

Good answers, bans aren’t too recent, so I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and give you a +0.5, if you get more hours in some different jobs I’ll happily give a +1


MDs can know technically, but should only jump to that conclusion when all else fails or there is a known outbreak.

Romerol in beestation is only 20TC but you need hijack or martyr objective to purchase that, which means you don’t need any cooperative traitor.

Yes, I know, I already made an edit earlier

Sorry for the delay, here are my questions :

  1. How do I make the trays in Botany have a golden glow? I’ve seen other Botanists do it but they never explained how.
  2. I’m a ling, can I murderbone?
  3. How do I set up the solar panels? I’m new to engineering.
  4. How can I safely hack airlocks open without insulated gloves?
  1. How do I get a xenomorph suit

  2. How do I make my voice loud

  3. How do I get danger mode on holodeck

  1. You need Earthsblood from Ambrosia Gaia in those trays, that basically makes the plants grow automatically and also keeps the benefit of the last fertilizer you added to that tray. Put several grown Gaias into that tray or just Earthsblood from a beaker and it should become golden.
  2. This question is about server rules, ask the admins using ahelp.
  3. The Solars page on the wiki has a guide, but basically wire all the solars and the tracker to one wire going to the control room, then on the control computer press “scan for new hardware” and set tracking to auto, then on the SMES set charging to auto and 200kW input and set output to on and 50kW.
  4. Drinking Grey Bull (can be bought from soft drink vendors) will give you shock protection for some time. Also you can just pry airlocks open with jaws of life.
  1. Yep!
  2. Correct, and with the new ticket system we can transfer an mhelp to an ahelp!
  3. Correct as well
  4. Yep, but you should also mention using signallers to pulse the wires remotely, that way you don’t run into the risk of getting shocked when pulsing the shock wire.
    Overall good aswers, so I’ll +1
    T : +0.5
  1. Xeno suit and xeno helmet can be crafted from alien hides, obtained by butchering xenomorphs.
  2. You can hold a megaphone while speaking, but it needs some time to recharge. Heads of staff have boxes of amplification keys for headsets in their lockers, to toggle high volume you need to insert that key and then alt-click the headset or use it in-hand and set high volume to on.
  3. You need to emag the holodeck console or ask the AI to disable holodeck safeties.

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